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Dean Avery
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A small, wiry man with wild, white hair ran and stumbled frantically through the night across garden plots and plowed fields, pursued by a fiery-eyed mob of men and women bearing torches, pitchforks, hoes, shovels, and the occasional Garden Weasel. His hubris had brought him to this predicament. He had vastly underestimated the master gardeners of the world, thinking them to be mild-mannered milquetoast types, who would beg him to control his creation, the Super Plant. Instead, they had banded together, stormed the castle, and would now put an end to his madness … poooor Doctor Krankenpflanze.
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Wild lightning slashed the night, striking the highest parapet of Krankenpflanze Castle, where the mad botanist, Doctor Krankenpflanze worked feverishly in his laboratory. “At last,” he said, “I shall rule the gardens of the world! Tonight I bring to life my ultimate creation, the Super Plant, which will hold dominion over all other plants, and bring the world’s so-called master gardeners begging to my door!” Then, high above, the ceiling of his laboratory opened to the night sky allowing the lightning to charge a gigantic capacitor and, cackling madly he screamed, “IGOR, PULL THE SWITCH!”
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