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No matter how much Wade respects Riley, he will not resign and put his championship basketball future and hopes in the hands of an wholly inept and inexperienced Spoelstra. He saw first hand how SVG's incompetence cost the Heat advancement in the playoffs and the Magic's championship hopes and he knows Spoelstra is even less capable. Also, Wade knows he will get money whereever he goes so that's no big deal. The head coach is the problem. If Riley comes back or if they hire Avery Johnson, Wade will resign. If not, then Wade is gone and I don't blame him. Mike Brown is lucky to still have his job and he's Coach of th Year and he had LeBron. Spoelstra should be coaching high school, maybe. But not a NBA superstar like Wade.
Toggle Commented Jun 19, 2009 on Between Riley and Reality at Heat Check
Riley needs to understand that Wade won't resign as long as Spoelstra is the Heat's coach. Wade saw SVG lose it again(panic)in the Finals and he knows Spoelstra is much worse. Wade wants a championship coach again to win it all like Riley or Avery Johnson.
Beasley has learned to do whatever he wants cause Spoelstra will try to mess him up anyway. FIRE SPOELSTRA!!
Understand, as long as Spoelstra is head coach, it doesn't matter what moves Riley make. Spoelstra will mess it up and mishandle things just as he did with Beasley.
SVG wouldn't even be in the NBA Championship If Kevin Garnett and Powe were healthty. He is slightly better than Spoelstra but that isn't nothing to brag about since Spoelstra shouldn't be coaching high school.
Spoelstra is no George Karl and never will be. Karl knows how handle superstar talent like Beasley. What's the sense of talking about basketball talent when you have a LOUSY coach like Spoelstra.
It doesn't matter who the Heat drafts, Spoelstra will mess it up just like he did with Beasley. Spoelstra doesn't have the intelligence nor the sensitivity to be a NBA head coach. He is Riley's biggest mistake EVER!!
Mr. Arison, If Riley wants to trade Beasley for anybody, you need to fire him and his entire staff. Spoelstra is the one who needs to be fired and Avery Johnson hired. I have a lot of respect for Riley but the fact is when he hired Spoelstra, I knew he was beginning to lose his mind.
It doesn't matter who the Heat get as players. Spoelstra being retained compromises any player gains. He is INEPT at NBA level;he belongs in high school.
When was the last time a No. 1 lottery draft pick came off the bench? Spo was cautious with Beasley-Please!! Riley wasn't cautious with Spo-he gave him full reign. Spo didn't do that with Beasely. I hope and pray when Beasely's turn comes to leave, he does. The Heat needed a consistent scorer, they drafted a scorer, and then they sit him on the bench.Stupid!! Mr. Arison, Spo should be fired and if Riley doesn't do it, then fired them both.