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This reminds me AR-Figure. They are targeting the same type of customers.
I did ordered. Looking forward to receiving it. Is that a photo of Karaoke?
It is a sensitive program. Dolphins in Sea World and the like would be having very tough time, although we enjoy them. The difference between dolphins and tunas is very slight. Tuna (used as Toro) at a sushi bar is getting popular world wide, they cannot be farmed easily. I heard that the number of tuna is getting small due to the world-wide consumption. A big difference is that dolphins and whales are mammal and smart. Humans eat mammal such as veal and lamb, but they can be farmed.
I have ordered your book at Looking forward to being delivered.
Is there any campain? For instance, the first fifty buyers can get an autograph from the author, if they send a proof of purchase.
The idea is somewhat close to SEKAI Camera, which is based on location, time and place. It has a camera which uses the AR technology.
Yes. I feel sad, too. The Japanese medical system is getting somewhat wrong these days. What is happenning?
Great! I will bring an idea.
I am shocked. I heard that Ozzy Osbourne used to do a similar thing with a chicken on the stage. Not sure true or not. Someone told me that that type of action is the original meeting of "Geek". Another thing was happened in San Jose by a PE teacher. High schools these days are not very safe.
As the speaker said, engineers like making loud sound. But not appropriete in a packed meeting room. If it is always quiet, engineers do not like it. In a long term sense, this feature could be major only in the Japan market, where meeting rooms are so small and packed with a lot of people.
It is showing in Osaka, Japan (My hometown). Sunday March 21 10am.
Interesting. I will watch it if it is still showing in Japan.
I heard the talk at ETech yesterday and was very impressed. Although I am Japanese, I did not know many things in the talk. The graph why Japanese people like cute things was very interesting.