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Can you blame him? At Miami he cannot even play his teams NIT games on their home court because some idiot booked the Bank United Center for a latin concert. What self respecting coach would want to work in this environment? Even if he remains at Miami the booking of the Bank United Center will have a detrimental effect on recruiting.
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This displays a horrible example of poor judgement and planning. The new AD should make a public apology to the coaches, team, students, and alumni. What was the point of building the Bank United Center if it is not available for what should be its top priority, basketball? If Donna would do the right thing she would find another venue for the latin concerts, take the financial hit for canceling the contract, and allow the NIT games to be played at the U.
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2009 on Canes won't be home for NIT at Eye on the U
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