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"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the passing of the Greatest Nation the world has ever seen...." All of this is sad but true.
Toggle Commented Jan 27, 2012 on #SOTU Translation at Atlas Shrugs
Elaine, anyone in the media could tell you that it is IMPOSSIBLE for the Left to be Racist. They can use the 'n' word, all they want. They can use 'colored' in the title of their groups (NAACP) they can scream anti-Semitic slurs at NYC 'occupations' and it is OK. You just have to re-adjust your thinking. Or take of those.
Occupy Wall St...Days of Rage..also known as DNC National Headquarters. Eat the Rich...start with Michael Moore...he could feed the masses easy.
OMG! A muslim deadbeat?? Say it isn't so...usually they are so upfront and honest about everything... Let me guess..Bloomberg is pulling out his checkbook as he reads this?
I know..if a black man says something about Obama, it is NOT racist. If you really ever want to know if something is racist, try repeating it, in your mind if not out loud, from the stance of another 'race'. NAACP. Congressional Black Caucus. The list goes on and on. This is not only about race but the hidden ties to a party. As in Cain being called out by a white journalist for not being 'black enough'. So not is it OK for a black man to call another black man filthy racist names but it is ONLY OK if it comes from a black man in the Democratic Party...the party of Bull Conners and the KKK. The party of lynchings and burnings and lives ruined and men and women of both black and white killed. The Democratic Party is the Plantation Party. They are the true slave masters of this world. It is their legacy. They own this.
Gitmo..I served there in 1970 in Marine Barracks. Out on the fenceline near a locked gate is a barracks with a Company of combat Marines always on the ready. In front of that barracks is the world's biggest Marine Corp Insignia. A few years earlier in the sixties after the Cuban 'Revolution', Castro, not liking combat troops so close to the fenceline, trained giant spotlights on the barracks every night so that the men would have trouble sleeping. What did they do? They built in the side of the hill an enormous Marine Emblem so that the spotlights from Castro would show it. He turned off the lights. We turned on our own and today stands as a symbol to the Regime of Cuba and to the Cuban people that here was Freedom. Castro also turned off the water to the base. We took out a huge section of the giant above ground pipeline, lit it up to show we did not need the water and built one of the first desalinization plants in the world. In those days, the US was proud to be who we were and ready to stick it where the sun does not shine to the Castro's of the world. Obviously, this has changed. The real US would have listened politely and gravely to the demands of the POW's and then they would have built the biggest flagpole and the biggest flag they could find outside the compound and had a full ceremony every morning and evening to raise and lower the Flag. For the first time in my adult life, I am ashamed to think that my country would cave to such demands. How dare they. This is cowardice in the face of the enemy. We will NEVER win this by kissing the behinds of these dogs.
The NAACP if obviously the most Racist organization in the USA today. If the Members had any principals at all they would call for the dis-banding if this disgusting open-racist group. They exist to further the 'goals' of one race at the expense of all other races. Why do they stop at just filing 'charges' at groups that stand for Freedom? Why not don their Black Hoods and burn some crosses? This is what they want.
Ultra Mega Ditto's!!! Thank YOU Rush. You are the Man.
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2010 on What a Rush! at Atlas Shrugs
“Flip it any way you want,” the staffer replied. What if the place is worth much less — like only $6,000? “Yup, you can do that.” Obviously the staffer remarks were taken out of context. He most likely said, "Yup, you can do that if you WANT TO BREAK THE LAW! Now..get out of here before I call the FBI!!" See? Now get it right...HUD employee's committing a felony...why the very idea!
Oh the irony..concerned about their future? Next election, these useful idiots will be more than threatening to withhold tech out Grandma.
Obama giving in? The first thing I learned about the Chief Agent of the Left is never believe what he says but watch what he does. If he 'caved' it is with other goals in mind. I believe as Rush said on Friday, 3/5, that this is just a feint to appear that he is giving in. His goal in this case is to shut down Gitmo. He has made deals that they will try these scum by the Military in return for supporting the shutdown of Gitmo..a goal he would not have achieved by just announcing it. They never intended a 'show trial' to take place. It was designed to gin up everyone and then 'give in' in order to gain the larger goal...shutdown of Gitmo. When Scott Brown was elected, the first thing Obama did was 'change' his focus to JOBS. Did he really? He gave up on ObamaCare? Look at what he did. Never, never believe what they say. Look at what they are doing. Whether it is Rahm or Harry or Obama. Everything stems from him. Did he change direction on spending? No. Did he change direction on Health Care? No. Does the thought of losing the House and Senate change his direction? No. He has not changed direction on one thing. Failure does stop him. He believes. There is a saying in sports..never take your eye off the ball.
For the first time in my adult life, because of Scott Brown, I am Proud to be from Massachusetts. Martha Coakly is the Perfect Rubber Stamp for the socialist Democratic Party. At this point she is no longer offering her views of what she will do as Senator. No one need ask her. Check with Pelosi and you will know everything you need to know. She is only attacking Scott with desperate lies intended to show she has 'fight' in her. See Martha run....
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2010 on Providential Massachusetts at Atlas Shrugs
I never heard this and I am personally grateful for Pam G and Atlas Shrugs for headlining this for me. I never could stand Obama but never realized just how destructive for the country he is. His march to destroy the US goes on with his cowardly handling of our International Enemies and the installation of the worst of the worst in Govt. He does hate America and he does whatever he can to tear it down.
At first I was going to say there are apparently two people jaywalking. Wait...there ARE two people jaywalking. If this is the bike lane in your community then I would say don't ride in it. If a bike lane ended at say, a cliff...would you ride off that cliff? Just how stupid are the bicyclist in this place? I know..we have to blame the stupid bureaucrat who designed this 'bike lane'. Personally I am shocked. Most bureaucrats are extremely skilled and absolutely have the interest and safety of the American people at heart. Now excuse me I have to go Unicorn hunting... I wouldn't worry..these people will snap out of it when they run Health Care.
Toggle Commented Oct 4, 2009 on What's wrong with this picture? at Atlas Shrugs
You fools! Why in thirty years, these poor souls will have skin cancer. This is inhumane.
Toggle Commented Jul 7, 2009 on Living in a Terrorist's Paradise at Atlas Shrugs