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Jeremy Reimer
Vancouver, BC
I am a writer and occasional programmer
Interests: Astronomy, Computers, Physics, Software, Science Fiction, Video Games
Recent Activity
Hi Wil! You may not remember me, but I met you at PAX Prime 2010 and gave you a copy of my book Edge of Infinity ( ) I was so happy to have been inspired by you to get my work on Lulu, and it was so cool that you got me to Get Excited and Make Something. Your FAQ of advice to new authors is really good, but I would add one more thing for anyone wanting to self-publish: WRITE MORE BOOKS. There is no penalty for doing so with self-publishing, and having more books available means more possibilities for sales. I didn't take my own advice, and sadly didn't have my sequel ready to give to you at PAX Prime '11. However I've buckled down and I swear that it will be ready by PAX this year. I'm enjoying the writing process even more this time, and I've found that--almost magically--one's second book is always better than the first. Like most things in life, you get better with practice. So for any authors out there who are dissapointed with the sales of their first novel, write more! Keep writing!
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Thanks, Andrew! It's called "Edge of Infinity" and is available here: Thanks to Lulu being so awesome, there are paper, PDF, and DRM-free ePub formats available.
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Hi Wil! I saw your reading at PAX and I met you in Sunday's signing. I'm the guy who was inspired by you to Get Excited and Make Something, and I gave you a copy of my novel. Your speech was really great. I have appropriated your term "nerd-adjacent" to refer to my lovely wife of nine years. When you write about Anne it always hits home because it reminds me of the relationship we have. It was really great to meet you. I will see you again next year with the sequel in hand!
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Audiobook? I must have this. When can I have this?
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