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Hello, thanks for sharing this deck. Since i could not hear you, i might have misunderstood slide 17 but there is actually one thing i do not fully agree with. The Twitter circle is included in the Address Book one and i think it should have been the other way round. To my point of view Twitter is the first web service that enables me to be in contact with people beyond my address book. Actually at least 2/3 of them are not even in my address book. And i think this is where Twitter is magical. You discover people through common interests in an easy, straightforward and very open manner. It may sound simple but this is actually the first time i can live this experience at such a scale (and i've been on the web since 96). Even Facebook does not enable that. Facebook is all about my friends, the "historical" ones with whom i can share intimacy. Twitter is about creating a new dimension to your social life. And i think that's why Facebook real-time web solution through the status evolution is not yet up to Twitter's own solution but that's another subject. :) Sebastien Levaillant
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