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I don't know, Manny.... pretty early to jump the gun. Not saying it's not doable - especially if Miami can overcome the next two foes. Still, one game at at time. Let the Canes get to 4-0, 5-0, 6-0 before starting this kind of chatter. You have Shannon and staff doing all they can to keep this team focused... and now at 2-0 you have a local writer talking about January. Seems a bit premature. Your points are ALL valid... but the timing is a bit off. Now isn't the time to be talking Pasadena. The focus needs to be on Blacksburg.
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For all the critics who simply say Miami's run defense was weak last year and will be weak again this year, read this article. As noted, size DOES matter in the college game - as do fresh legs. Miami didn't have the depth last year and was relying on kids who were playing high school ball same time the previous year. Take a Sean Spence... playing for Northwestern in fall 2007... graduating early and coming to The U... working out and participating in spring ball... summer workouts... fall ball... freshman season. That's a hell of a run for the ACC Defensive Rookie of the Year. Now the then 193 pound freshman has stacked on 20 pounds of muscle and is a year older and wiser. Same for many of his counterparts. Gone are the role players like Romeo Davis and Glenn Cook. Arrived are a crop of super sophomores (and more talented freshman) ready to get after it. The run defense took a huge hit last year when Eric Moncur, Colin McCarthy and Randy Phillips all went down last year. CC and RP and back and hopefully EM is back soon... but either way, depth and senior leadership are returning. Miami will be ready for Florida State. Christian Ponder won't have the field day he had last year an Antone Smith is long gone.
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"Sorry to inform U but it's going to get much worse before it gets better." What an utterly biased comment from someone who obviously doesn't follow this program religiously. You are absolutely high if you can't look at Miami circa 2007 and Miami circa 2009 and see a big difference. This program was in shambles when Shannon took over. Chock full of the wrong kind of players, the wrong attitude, a lack of talent and a lack of depth. Shannon cleaned house, a la Butch Davis and he has worked tirelessly to fix these issues for the past 2+ years. There will be some growth this year. Please, this isn't going to get "much worse". Miami has bottomed out and while they're in no way *back*, the worst is behind. The talent is returning, as is the depth... though UM is still a class or two away from being loaded. Jacory Harris is Miami's best QB prospect since Ken Dorsey -- because of his talent, but moreso for his attitude, football mind and leadership ability. Kyle Wright had a million dollar arm and a two-cent brain. Shannon has finally assembled a staff and if you can't fathom the upgrade at offensive coordinator that Mark Whipple is over a Patrick Nix, Rich Olson or Dan Werner, then there is no hope for you. Harris + Whipple + a deep crop of talented receivers + talent/depth at running back + some new blood on the offensive line = more production and more points for the Canes. This will be Miami's best offense since the 2002 season, easily. There will still be bumps in the road and some set backs (the offensive line definitely is the weakest link) - but again, things aren't going to get "much" worse. Defensively Miami fell off last year after Eric Moncur, Colin McCarthy and Randy Phillps went down injured. UM was forced to rely on true freshmen to carry the load -- many of which went from high school ball, to college, to spring ball, to fall ball, to a new season. They were toast by season's end. Seniority and depth will return on defense this year. Plus, the influx of new talent with the higher expectations on this year's sophomores - who were true freshman last year. Miami was 7-6 last year and could've just as easily have been 10-3. North Carolina, Florida State and Cal were all winnable games that were simply lost by a young team still learning to win. A year later, the Canes will win those games -- the same way the 2000 and 2001 Canes learned from heartbreaking losses like the '99 loss to Penn State or Florida State. If you hate Miami or don't support Randy Shannon, so be it... but your commentary is biased and flat out ignorant. Go into some depth as to WHY things are going to get "much worse". Don't just throw that crap out there and hope it sticks.
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Absolutely not. The only issue with the ACC was the timing for Miami. The Canes were on the decline when they made the move in 2004. Had UM stayed in the Big East, they'd have struggled there 2004-2007, as well. Conversely, had Miami joined the ACC in 2000 they'd have dominated like Florida State did for so long. Miami will turn it around. It takes time to rebuild the mess that Loser Larry made. Four to five years, minimum. Things will start to get right this year and by 2010 the Canes should be penciled in as ACC Champs... ending all this "should they have stayed in the Big Least" nonsense.
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Here's hoping those guys are right... but I'm not going to lie, I'm tired of all the sound bites. Too much talk, not enough action. Two years ago it was Jason Fox who was talking smack about Miami beating Oklahoma, the one-sided aspect of the rivalry, etc. and the Canes got smoked. Miami is 19-19 since the LSU game. Time to stop talking and start doing. All this, "nobody respects us" or "nobody knows how good we are but us" - that's old news and our guys have said that for years. Shut up, play ball and win some games already. Show people on the field what you're gonna do -- don't tell a local beat writer.
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