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San Diego, California
Wine Harlots - the virtue of vice
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Can't wait to hear your experiences. I laugh out loud (truly -- not that bullshit LOL stuff) when I read your zany posts, but I really love when you get real and right from the heart. Loved the line, "Our time here is to work, to learn, and perhaps also for me, to replace reaction and distraction with intention." Can't wait to say hello at WBC this year. Cheers! Nannette Eaton
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2011 on Shake Ridge Day 1 at Dirty South Wine
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Abandoned vines? Hmmmmm..... Sounds like the first vintage of Scarlet Harlot! Cheers! Nannette Eaton
Congratulations! Here's to another 26+. (And nice car!) Raising a glass to you and the misses! Cheers! Nannette Eaton
Toggle Commented May 19, 2011 on Happy Anniversary Darlin' at The Wine Commonsewer™
Great tip. I love sparkling wine, roses and QPR, so I'll be checking this pick. Cheers! Nannette
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The kid's got talent!
A glass of awesomeness coupled with a can of whoopass. Spot on!
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Awesome! It's the new Wine Harlots Guide to Life. Twerk Team optional!
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Riff-raff here, checking in with my two cents. It’s seems a bit silly, more of the adult version of the playground argument. “I’m qualified!” “No you’re not! I am!” “I am! I am!” In the Enobytes comments, Pamela indicates certification can be completed in as little as a two-day course, which seems to me less about gaining knowledge about the subject, and more about bolstering egos. A faux diploma isn’t going to fool anyone for long. I think the intent of the suggestion was to bolster better wine writing, but positing that all wine writers have a MW, WSET or a BS from Davis (or some random Wine School of the Week), doesn’t guarantee good writing.
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Great list! We love bargain wines. Haven't had any of these selections yet. I'll will give me something to look for. Here's to a prosperous new year. Cheers!
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