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Scott R
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native plants help feed and house local critters and help me feel connected to the natural history of where i live. humans have changed the earth indelibly but can think and choose to enrich and diversify or impoverish their localities. nature will make do with what we leave it after we turn off the bulldozer, but it may not look pretty to us in the end. seeking humility in our relationship with nature seems a reasonable and practical idea, and may allow our children to see the next century. not just, "is it pretty", but "how many other species does it allow to live" might be a good question to ask in choosing the next species to plant. a little more work maybe, but a lot more interesting result. my hope is to see and hear far more in my yard than just the marauding hordes of house sparrows that attend the bird feeder next door. finally, i want to say thanks for all the interesting posts and for the freedom of discussion that we can all share. and thanks to garden rant.
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