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could you imagine how good the Heat would be with another max player and then another guy making about $10 million a year? Unstoppable....and the argument is even dumber because it's not like the Heat prevented any other team from doing the same thing....this isn't baseball, there is a salary cap and a luxury tax and we are actually below the luxury tax (I don't think a team has ever won a title with a payroll that is below the luxury tax).
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oh boy, I love when people try to talk about the Heat "buying the team" when our payroll is actually a few million dollars less than the Spurs (which I guess is your team although you were too bored with your life to stick to their decided to come post something on a Heat board....pathetic) almost $30 million less than the Lakers payroll, and about $20 million less than Boston's payroll....look into these things before you open your mouth man...
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Quite frankly, I'd rather have Beasley start at SF with JO at center and Amare at PF for a few reasons. 1) Amare really prefers to play PF 2) JO would not be very happy coming off the bench and his production would probably drop off (which would suck considering he's put together a nice stretch of games recently) 3) I'd rather start Yakouba at SF over JJ and I think they both suck...they'd both be better used off the bench in certain situations. 4) Starting Beasley at SF would probably mean he'd get at least 35 mpg just from the natural progression of that rotation. It definitely wouldn't add up though. Kouba and JJ both suck and I don't want to see them on the floor for extended periods of time. As I said before, however, Beasley/Amare/JO with Wade at SG would be absolutely sick...seriously, how would a team defend us? They'd have to pack the paint like crazy (which would be why we would need JJ to stretch the defense every now and then) but just imagine the pick and pop/roll we could run all day on any team.
i saw a similar article about us not trading beasley, jo, or haslem for stoudemire but instead trading Cook/Wright/Q/Rio + cash/picks for stoudemire...would we then start Beasley at SF? Who would back him up? JJ? Diawara? I know a frontline of Beasley/Amare/JO could be pretty devestating on offense, but it could also be atrocious on defense....what would happen in that scenario?
Alicia Keyes looked like she was gonna knock someone out with the arm flab that was flopping around under her arms.
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I guess Mike Wallace didn't notice the extra weight Alicia Keys put on...unless he's into that. She looked kind of chunky to shakira looked pretty hot.
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what do you guys think of these four team trade ideas? Does one work better than the other as far as the other teams are concerned? For some reason espn's trade machine wouldn't tell me if my favorite four team trade scenario would work but here's my best shot at explaining it (please note that the contracts should match up). Miami receives: Amare Stoudemire (2 years $16.3M) Mike Miller (1 year $9.7M) Phoenix receives: Brendan Haywood (1 year $6M) Mike James (1 year $6.4M) James Jones (4 years $4.3M) Andre Nocioni (3 years $7.5M) Sacremento receives: Jermaine O'Neal (1 year $23M) Deshawn Stevenson (1 year $3.8M) Washington receives: Kevin Martin (4 years $9.6M) Jason Thompson (2 years $2M) Jason Richardson (2 years $13.3M) thoughts?
what was up with Shane Battier's mustache last night? He looked like an 80s pornstar.
u know what i jus notice dat the refs cheated us becuz if u watched the game q rich grabed perkins as he was running down the court and they made ray allen shoot the free throws dats messed up Posted by: damone cutter | Thursday, February 04, 2010 at 01:23 PM That's what happens when you foul anyone before the ball is inbounded. The team that was fouled can send whoever they want to the line.
Jermaine O'Neal is lookin like a MONSTER!!!
this has been one funky game
Hey Watcher lets make a boycott. No one responds to these guys and u know the names Posted by: Ohshz | October 18, 2009 at 08:18 PM I'm in. F*ck those 3... Posted by: GodsSon521 | October 18, 2009 at 08:40 PM I'm signing on the dotted line as well. Posted by: Chris | October 18, 2009 at 08:53 PM I'd like to get down on that
I gotcha on this one please explain to me how Tim Duncan is pampered? Posted by: King Riley | October 18, 2009 at 07:57 PM Haha...he is one of the least pampered superstars, but the fact of the matter is all superstars are pampered by their paychecks. Tim Duncan and Kevin Durant are probably the least pampered superstars in the league...Now I gotta go watch Curb Your Enthusiasm...later guys!
the while Nike tape and handshake crap to me is much ado about nothing but to each his own! The is America, the land where stars are built and torn apart over night only to enjoy resurrection later on (see Michael Jackson) even Jordan was ripped apart for being an alcholic/gambler......that is just the media trying to feed on stupid minds for ratings Posted by: King Riley | October 18, 2009 at 07:54 PM The non-handshake/not speaking to the press/explaining to the press later why he didn't shake hands really did bother me. It was one of the douchiest series of spoiled athlete moves I've ever seen. That series of doucher moves are what makes me think Shaq/LBJ will not work out. The Nike dunk tapes were really just an example of LBJ being coddled by his sponsors.
oy, find me a superstar that isn't pampered and I'll point out what makes them just need to get over comes with the territory.
A couple of you guys are so ready to just crown the Cavs champs this year already...YOU HAVE TO PLAY THE GAMES PEOPLE. If Shaq doesn't win a ring with LBJ, he'll have almost nothing to say about the guy except negative stuff. Wade had a better finals performance than Kobe ever had...if Shaq can't admit that, then he's just being an assshole like everyone knows he is.
I'm not disagreeing that Wade is somewhat pampered but again...the original argument was a comparison between Wade and LeBron. LeBron is clearly the more pampered superstar, just to refute that part of your argument. The guy couldn't even shake hands or talk to the press after losing the ECF to the Magic (can you say sore loser?). Then when he was asked why he did that, he just gave a more "pampered" superstar reaction than any Wade has ever made (something about how he's a winner and isn't gonna congratulate someone on beating him...which is just called sportsmanship to everyone else). THEN Nike tried to hide a video of LeBron getting dunked on because, like someone said earlier, LeBron got $100 million from Nike before he even played 1 NBA wanna talk about pampered? I do think LeBron is a better vocal leader, but not everyone has that gift of gab, so to speak. It's something Wade needs to improve, but something he can indeed improve.
Garretkall was a major supporter of the idiot we have at coach Posted by: King Riley | October 18, 2009 at 07:34 PM what's that have to do with anything?
what? ok, if wade has no help on the offense why not put beasley in the fire to learn, wade was not so called ready to play in the nba when he came in. he had to lean on the vets to carry him through, if you want help and want your young players to get better quicker you need to play them. duh Posted by: hotleo20 | October 18, 2009 at 07:24 PM Well that's what all of us were complaining that we wanted to see last year...more Beasley in the game to help Wade score and so he could learn, so take that complaint to Spo cuz you're preaching to the choir on that one. As for the point about Wade...he was certainly more ready than Beasley. Wade went to Marquette for 3 years, pushed his team into the final four and was always very serious about basketball. When he did get drafted, he was surrounded by vets who helped him learn the game and become the player he is now. Beasley really only has Wade to learn from and he's in the prime of his career and not really looking to be a teacher right now (which you could probably critique him for, but it is what it is). Wade had LO, Eddie Jones, Brian Grant, others to help him learn the game, plus a second year player to help him adjust to the NBA game in Caron Butler. Beasley is basically surrounded by young guys who are inexperienced and Wade....HUGE difference.
And he's going to win championships. When you're as good as LeBron is, and you're in the league for as long as he's going to be, eventually you're bound to win a couple. Even if it comes toward the end of his career when he teams up with another star. Posted by: josh | October 18, 2009 at 07:20 PM It is entirely possible (and probably somewhat likely) that LeBron does win a title eventually, but you just can't assume anything in the NBA...that's my point. You never know for sure. Just because he's projected to do this or that, doesn't mean he will. The guy has to earn his crown but he's been king since he was in high school. He hasn't really earned much more than respect. He should not be worshiped like some people are so ready to do already. And again, if he's gonna be considered in the top 5 of all time, he's gotta win MULTIPLE rings.
charles barkley was one of my favorite player of all time and he never won a title, bron is only 24 years old he has plenty of time left. his presence alone equals contention. Posted by: hotleo20 | October 18, 2009 at 07:15 PM Look, you can be a great player and never win a title. I'm not trying to knock LBJ's skills, but you're undervaluing his teammates and at the same time trying to make LeBron out to be something he hasn't really proven and giving him credit for doing things he hasn't done yet basically.
and i don't by the media bs that wade has no help, he may not have championship caliber help but he has enough to compete. wade and beasley can be up their with the best combo in the league but for some reason he stated he wants beasley to be the leader of the bench. when are we going to put some blame on our so called leader? Posted by: hotleo20 | October 18, 2009 at 07:12 PM Show me the quote or send me the audio/video clip when Wade said that and we'll talk. But I follow the Heat very closesly, watched every game last year, listened to as many interviews as I could and read as many articles as I could. I've heard Wade talk somewhat negatively of Beasley (or rather implied) but I do not recall Wade ever saying that he basically doesn't want to play with Beasley. Quite frankly, I'm not sure Beasley was really ready for the NBA game last year, but he'll get his fair shake this year and we'll really see what kind of chemistry can exist between them. If Beasley starts balling hard and Wade plays well too but we don't win, then I can concede to your point somewhat. However, Beasley was simply not on that level last year and I would not have considered him necessarily better than Mo Williams last year. We needed more scoring on the floor and so I wish we could have played him more, because that's what he does well, but he wasn't really ready to be a true second star of the team. Besides Beasley though, Wade really doesn't have much help unless the other guys can really improve this year. Last year, he was a one man show because he kind of had to be. Hell, Delonte West would have been such a welcomed addition to the Heat last year...just him being on our team could have gone a long way.