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Interests: Books, computers, Diablo, movies, art, graphic design, web development
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Ok. We're getting ready to go to our first Con ever-DragonCon. What advice would you give a noob? What to do? What not to do? What to wear? What not to wear? What is Con etiquette? How do I get the most enjoyment out of my first Con?
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Condolences from our family to yours. Our own Willa is 14 years old and looks a lot like your dear Ferris. So sorry for you loss.
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Bruce Bethke ("Cyberpunk", "Head Crash") hosts a blog for SF/Fantasy writers (some good ones hang out there). Henry Vogel, a comic writer, does a guest post for the blog's "Ultimate Geek Fu" Wednesdays. He had a post this past week that reminded me of your writing, which I enjoy very much, BTW. He told about how he grew up playing D&D and believes it made him a better storyteller. It's a nice post.
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Bruce Bethke, author of Cyberpunk, ran a fascinating blog about the sci-fi writing industry called TheRantingRoom. It's still up. If you want to read the inside scoop on publishing in sci-fi, get over there while you can. He's streamlined and moved everything over to TheFridayChallenge where he does a weekly sci-fi writing challenge with winners and feedback. It's ramping up to be a generous and informative writing group. His website is currently down. I don't know what the status is on that.
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