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This is the year of Danilo Gallinari. Where are you helium?
Posted by: helium | July 28, 2009 at 02:02 AM Touche my friend. Touche.
Wade played pretty well in the Olympics with Chris Paul and Deron Williams at PG and neither have been acclaimed for their 3pt shooting (though they aren't terrible). Just assuming Sessions will always remain a horrible shooter ignores the fact that players can improve - which was my point in showing Wade's numbers. Posted by: helium | July 28, 2009 at 01:36 AM I see your point. However, it's tough to compare Sessions lack of shooting range to those of D-Will and CP3. Williams and Paul although not considered "snipers" from long distance, can knock down the three at a reasonable rate. They came into the league with legitimate range. Sessions is just awful from three. He reminds me of Andre Miller in terms of shooting prowess, or the lack of. Good news for Danilo Gallinari. Bad news for the rest of the league.
The posted picture of Mike Beasley makes him look a lot like Dennis Rodman. A lighter version.
Dom, Danilo Gallinari is playing in the same D'Antoni system that will contribute towards his success. His versatility is worth admiring, as he will become a match up nightmare for opposing players. Danilo will turn into a rich man's Hedo.
Danilo Gallinari will win next season's most improved player award. He is set to have a breakout year.
What jersey number will Odom wear if he returns? He wore number seven his whole career.
The Blazers should unload Jerryd Bayless and a couple of draft picks to the Knicks for Danilo Gallinari. Check this out: PG- Miller SG- Roy SF- GALLINARI PF- Aldridge C - Oden I think the Knicks would be willing to part ways with the future HOF player to get their PG of the future. The Blazers may have to throw in Outlaw and a couple of picks along with Bayless.
The Blazers signed Andre Miller. Wow, I am so jealous of the depth and youth of their roster.
I like the Blazers scenario. I'm sure aeb1255 likes it as well.
Danilo Gallinari's strengths: - Ability to get to free throw line - Off-ball movement - Versatility - Ability to create own shot - Ball-handling skills - Ball-handling skills w/either hand - Change of gears/Hesitation moves - Basketball IQ - Energy/Intensity - Fundamentals - Maturity - Poise - Winning mentality - Work ethic - High-level productivity - Positional versatility - Court vision - Body control - Frail frame - Size for position - Strength - Undersized - Pull-up jumper - Shooting mechanics Danilo Gallinari's weaknesses: - Nothing experience wouldn't take care of
Danilo Gallinari will become a match up nightmare for the rest of the league.
Danilo Gallinari Posted by: helium | July 24, 2009 at 01:07 AM +100
That is an awful roster. Eww!
Hey guys. Any update on Danilo Gallinari?
Danilo Gallinari - (from near Spain in Italy): Best Case: Hedo Turkoglu Worst Case: Mike Dunleavy Jr. Posted by: helium | July 22, 2009 at 01:44 AM dirty
G- Chalmers G- Gallinari F- Haslem F- Beasley C- O'neal Better Posted by: helium | July 22, 2009 at 01:32 AM I think it would be best for Haslem to slide to the SG position. Gallinari can't guards opposing guards. Haslem can.
G- Chalmers G- Wade F- Gallinari F- Beasley C- O'neal I don't know how, but let's make it happen Riley!
Doc, Danilo is the real thing. He will become better than Hedo.
I like Head for our team. Who doesn't?
How could you not appreciate Danilo Gallinari?!
Danilo Gallinari is next. If you guys thought Hedo Turkoglu was good last year, wait for Danilo next season. His skills are worth admiring.
Danilo Gallinari will win the NBA most improved player award. He is my player to watch for next year.