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I actually want this rivalry to come up. the 2006 game showed the potential of this rivalry. You guys are only 9 miles away, I do not see why the university of Miami cant play FIU. If the "U" is powerful enough it should be a BYE week, but the recruits that FIU is bringing does have alot potential. Remember that the Bruins weren't a great team when they started the victory bell, but what I wanted to say is this. 1) The City of Miami is being stupid for not supporting this rivalry 2) The University of Miami is an idiot for not being able to see how much money you can make within this rivalry. 3) AD Kirby has no awareness on the history of UM or as ppl in the westcoast call it Thug U or bit**a** U (Referring to the Brawl comment) 4) For the Gaya*s Cane (CrazyCane) hahahaha.. Kid has no life and the fact is you need your shi*& together for victory bell. Do you know how much money the City of Los Angeles makes with this rivalry!Something you have to consider :) When you beat Cal come back to me, Oh wait we are schedule to play gaynes in a few seasons LMAO
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