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These stupid, stupid women and their drugs...when are they going to learn to leave that sh*&t alone and stay home with their children? Reminds me of the dumbf*&^k in Grandview who left her two boys and a safe, loving environment for the streets and her next fix of METH...where were her "Sugar Daddies" then?
Snapp's undercover attire.
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2009 on Every picture tells a story at Crime Scene KC
So they are throwing out the attempted rape charge because he "couldn't get it up?" That's o.k., maybe he'll be able to "attempt" it with Bubba at the Big House.
I'm familiar with this "defendant". Give him a minute, folks - he'll screw up somewhere between now and Halloween, and then he'll be doing that 15-25 year backup in prison. And yes, I know, we'll be paying for his accommodations, but this is one I'll gladly pay to keep locked up. He's killed many, many others - he just hasn't been charged with those murders....yet.
Also, please think about this...the woman who searched and found is NOT a child...she's a thirty (30) year old woman. So many of us are labeled as CHILDREN, yet we are way beyond being children and basically looking to find our heritage, our past, where we came from. This woman did nothing wrong other than the need to "connect" with her kin. Please think about this before you condemn either one of these people. The woman who was raped...I feel for her. However, she needs to understand that the person she brought into this world needs to know, and has the RIGHT to know, where she came from, the good and the bad. That's when the REAL healing begins. Thank you all for listening and understanding. From one who's been there and done that...from both sides.
There are many of us worldwide who would be more than happy to help anyone who is searching for their biological family members...for any reason whatsoever. Those of us who are in the legal field, politicians, lawyers, governors, cops, etc., have numerous databases that include maiden names, birthdates, and social security numbers that are not available to the general public, and it's very easy to locate anyone, anywhere in the world. Again, please feel free to contact me if you need help.
We feel it is our basic human right to know our heritage and circumstances surrounding our births, and we are entitled to have possession of our birth records as they pertain to us. "Even now the sands and ashes of continents are being sifted to find where we made our first step as man. Religions of mankind often include ancestor worship in one way or another. For many the future is blind without a sight of the past. Those emotions and anxieties that generate our thirst to know the past are not superficial or whimsical. They are real and they are good cause under the law of man and God." ~~Judge Wade S. Weatherford, Jr., Seventh Judicial Circuit Court, South Carolina, ruling on an adoptees petition to gain access to adoption records.~~ That's where it came from....myself and a Judicial Circuit Court Judge, along with many others, actually about 8 million of us worldwide. Thank you for the opportunity to educate you. If you would like more info, please feel free to contact me.
"I was flabbergasted at the numerous responses to the article that the child HAD THE RIGHT to know its mother, like that somehow trumped the mother's right to privacy. Obviously, there is no common sense anymore ...." Posted by: winkyb2me | Monday, June 29, 2009 at 10:34 AM ------------------------------------------- Actually, winkyb2me, WE DO have the right to know where we came from. All of us. It's in the constitution. My rights will ALWAYS trump my birth mother's and birth father's rights, every single time, like it or not.
Judge Torrence did the right thing according to the law. Some of you are right - most of the prosecutors and judges in jackson county are so corrupt that they make deals as to who's going to "throw" this case in exchange for this other one. They ALL make deals with each other. The Mertsenmeyer kid has to live with this the rest of his life - let's hope he can hold up under the pressure. The Reimann mother is angry, disappointed, and pissed off at herself for not teaching her son better...the only reason he was probably walking is because he couldn't FIND his car or keys that night, or someone took them away from him at whatever bar or party he was at. This is what happens when one does too many drugs or drinks too much. It's a shame and a sad fact, but it is what it is.
"I'm ovulating, you idiot! Now come over here and get me pregnant!!"