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Count me in as one of those that is already satisfied with what the Marlins have done...... or rather, what they realistically were able to do. I said it quite some time ago, and now it’s finally come to fruition: Emilio Bonifacio is a utility player. Sit him down, have him pinch run here and there, have him fill in for an injured player for a game or two.... THAT’S IT. I hope, I pray, I wish, Nick Johnson can stay healthy for the rest of the season, because it’s apparent that it won’t be Gaby filling in for him if he does get injured again. With respect to whether Nick Johnson is enough, you can never have enough, but I’m comfortable with what we’ve got. No way in hell we would have gotten Halladay, and despite his Phillies’ debut, I’m not a big fan of Cliff Lee. If the Padres asked for Maybin and Miller for Bell, what would they have asked for Peavy? I don’t care much for a Washburn who’s pitching better than he’s supposed to or a Snell who’s basically a project at this point. For that I’d rather stick with VandenHurk who’s got better stuff than those middle tier guys and hope he continues what he’s doing. The bullpen is fine; as long as Leo remains the closer and Matt is relegated to mop-up duty we have enough guys to plug in the later innings. Leo has given up some runs as of late, but at least with him it’s a hiccup. With Matt it’s a full-blown herpes outbreak you can’t control. The wonderful thing is, Fredi already said he’s gonna get eased back into the 9th inning. One of these days, when the yes-man has outlived his usefulness or rubs someone the wrong way, I would really really like to know how many of these decisions are entirely formulated by him.
I hate beating the dead horse over and over, but I’m gonna keep at it for the hell of it..... before you do anything, send Bonifacio to the BENCH or send him DOWN. It makes no sense doing anything with Maybin with Bonifacio being a staple in the lineup. It’ll only mean that Maybin will be slotted back into hitting 8th and having to deal with the same plethora of breaking crap he had to deal with before while Emilio sits pretty in the 2-hole in front of Hanley. I see already many people here (including I) that are resigned to the fact that Fredi, being the brain-dead moron or the yes-man that he is simply cannot stop putting this guy out there, and like Matt said earlier Beinfest needs to justify the salary dump. And just so anybody says I don’t give the guy credit, he does have a 9 game hit streak, has scored 10 runs over that span, and is making an effort to take a pitch (that AB he had when he hit the triple off of Olsen really showed me something). Don’t think I’m warming up to the guy; it remains to be seen how long he keeps this up as he goes back to facing teams in the NL that recognize him, apart from the sorry Nats of course. Now that Gaby is healthy I’d like to see him called up to play 3B because that is a quality bat right there. But we all know that isn’t happening.
No-throwing for 4 weeks while on the DL for Lindstrom. Who knows, he probably pulled a Gregg.
First of all, I hope Rhino missed tonight’s game because this could’ve been a cause for a heart attack. Second, ANYONE is a better option than Matt Lindstrom right now. If Maybin who is a top prospect, was traded for Cabrera, was given the CF job, was sent down for the fact that he sucked at what he did, why can’t the same be done with Lindstrom? why why why????? Whats wrong, he wasn’t one of “Fredi’s guys”? If this thing with Nunez isn’t serious (just a few days ago I said he was next), then without a shadow of a doubt this guy should be the closer. Not effective, not healthy? Next. Maybe Sanches, he’s done well, he’s got the numbers, and tonight wasn’t his fault. Matt Lindstrom is not closer material right NOW. He’s mentally cooked, he’s a poor man’s Brian Wilson, he’s a poor man’s Kevin Gregg, and that straight fastball is a hitter’s delight, one day he can control it, one day he can’t. The same with his slider. Night in, night out, it’s always something. Forget the chaos resulting from aligning the bullpen hierarchy, not when the top guy in that hierarchy is sporting a 6.52 ERA. And about those alternatives. How many saved games did Heath Bell have entering the season? 2. David Aardsma? 0. You know why David Aardsma is even mentioned here? Because the Mariners decided not to endure those “growing pains” that Brandon Morrow was going through, who is BY FAR..... BY FAR a much more desirable pitcher to have than Lindstrom. Saito I’d love to have, but the Sox usually ask for quite a bit. Capps? Pathetic K/9 totals throughout his career and isn’t looking good this year. The fact is, we don’t need to look outside. Give one of these guys here (Nunez, Sanches, or better yet, Calero IF he comes back healthy AND remains effective) a shot and it’ll work out. I’m a Badenhop hater and I’d still rather see him before Lindstrom.
No Kiko, it’s not the lack of exercise that’s landed you there, it’s the fact that you have become the most overworked reliever in baseball. Thank Fredi for possibly ruining your season, see you next year for the league min. Leo, you’re next!
Don’t worry, he’ll be back soon enough. He’s probably gonna try to convince us all that Carroll also has some pictures of the “Big Unit” in a precarious position.
Carroll showing off tonight like Bonifacio on Opening Day. We should all congratulate him for hitting his first MAJOR LEAGUE home run as well as adding a triple to boot. Would’ve been his second shot this year, if not for the railing at “Metco Park”. At least Carroll’s homer was a no-doubter and not a gift from Lastings Milledge. Hey Rhino where you at? No posts so far today? We’re winning, against the Big Unit no less! Where’s the love? Where’s the passion???
LOL Rhino I would never bet against you buddy, not even that specific bet. Maybe Fredi should do what Burnett once suggested with D-Train, and have Johnson pitch and play multiple positions.
Fresh meat for Fredi!
Rhino, why does the perception of scouts from other teams matter so much? How many times do scouts get things wrong? Scouts are never right even half the time, and neither are the sabermetricians for that matter. How many times has a player been liked and failed, disliked but successful? Look at the hard-on the scouts had with Alex Gordon. It’s still early, but what has he done? You think Carroll has pictures hidden somewhere? I say Emilio has some of Beinfest, Fredi, Julio, and Benitez in some cheap motel over in Flagler. To say De Aza is a better player than Carroll is a joke. Did you watch him in 07, when he had 6 walks and 37 Ks? Carroll actually hit the ball out with frequency in AAA (granted it was a launching pad), has De Aza ever done that ANYWHERE? You’re laying out standards for what a CF should hit, but I don’t see you doing the same for Bonifacio, who hasn’t cut it in 220 REGULAR ABs, who plays a position where you normally have a player that displays a modicum of power. I hate making the argument for a player who is probably not fit to be a full time player like Carroll, but the alternatives are injured and De Aza and Bonifacio are too horrendous to be out there on an everyday basis, so you gotta look elsewhere unless you’re a masochist. And I don’t even want to see Stanton up here yet, that would be ridiculous.
Bonifacio in left? I’d rather see one of the Manatees out there with an empty bag of plantain chips for a glove than that asqueroso. The Education of Emilio Bonifacio needs to end NOW. And I don’t know if anybodys been reading but I’ve been saying for quite awhile now that Carroll should man CF and Coghlan should be moved to 3B. If Gaby Sanchez weren’t injured, I’d be on his bandwagon but he’s out. I don’t want Wes Helms full-time at third because he would be exposed after a while and if that weren’t the case he’d still be with the phils. But what the heck, I guess I shouldn’t bother trying to make logical arguments, when the guys getting paid to do the thinking and maneuvering are doing such a wonderful job at it.
Lindstrom really does need to go back on a mission to Sweden. Took him a couple of years and he came back with a harder fastball, if he does it again maybe next time he’ll come back with a better sense of how to pitch.
Rhino, I like your style and for the most part I agree with you in expressing pessimism with the way this team has been constructed and managed, but...... De Aza over Carroll? Really? He of the Bonifacio-like .574 OPS back in 07 in almost 150 ABs? I’m sorry, but a 4 hit night doesn’t say much when you got that on your resume. I know you’re always talking about going back and looking this or that up, well try this: Check out Brett Carroll’s game logs over his major league career (not much to look at) and find instances where he’s had more than 3 ABs in a game. Show me instances of consistent playing time. Don’t mistake me for being a Carroll supporter, but I’m of the belief that when a guy just isn’t that good at this level after being given a good opportunity, you send him packing. I don’t think Carroll has been given that opportunity yet, so writing him off when you’re likely to get the same pathetic production from a Bonifacio or De Aza makes no sense. With those guys in the lineup every day, what do you have to lose by playing Carroll to see what he can do given the chance? Just throw him to the curb if he’s another Chris Aguila, you're not making a hard decision like the Braves are going to have to do with Francoeur. Truth be told though, I’d rather have a half blind Encarnacion out in center and he would probably do a better job than all these guys we have now. Oh and BTW, Willingham didn’t get his full-time gig until he was already 27. Not saying he will be like Willingham, but just because he seems to old doesn’t mean he might evolve into a decent player (see Nelson Cruz, Jack Cust, etc.)
Brett Carroll definitely merits a long look. I was never a Brett Carroll fan before this year, but watching him play in the outfield and the fact that Coghlan can move over to third without a problem, it makes all the sense in the world. Sure, some will say he hasn’t done jack at this level, but what do you expect when you’re stuck on the bench for weeks and you’ve only ever been used as a pinch hitter and late game defensive replacement? The next move I hope happens soon should be to make Leo Nunez the closer. Lindstrom started again with his crap tonight walking the first guy he saw. If not for a perfect throw by Paulino, God knows how things would’ve turned out. One game he’s dominant and tossing heat and mixing sliders, the next he can’t find the strike zone and its all fastballs.
FINALLY THE BONIFACIO ERA HAS COME TO ITS END..... for 1 game. So yeah, Rich & Tommy finally critiqued him, basically saying what I’ve said for almost 2 months. If you can’t maintain an OBP over .300, strike out too much, can’t hit for power, WHAT THE HELL are you doing in the lineup? And its not like his defense is worth the suckiness either. Its nice to finally see a home run out of our third sacker. I really hope Coghlan stays at that spot tomorrow and we win again, but knowing Fredi he’ll go back to Bonifacio if he goes 0-for-4.
“How soon the Marlins might consider an Uggla trade is speculative.” Hopefully not too soon, but at just the right time. Trading Uggla right now would be pure idiocy. Wait for him to pad up his stats as it seems he is about to go on one of his patented hot streaks so the Giants feel the need to pull the trigger. I’m sure we can squeeze Alderson + a young bullpen arm out of them. Even though Sabean is an idiot (anyone remember what he gave up for Pierzynski?) I don’t think he is stupid enough to trade Cain either; they’re not gonna push Bumgarner into the rotation under those circumstances. Cain has pure stuff, is affordable, and proven, and you always take that in a pitcher instead of waiting for somebody else to develop into what he already is.
I’m looking forward to seeing what West can do, but his control worries me. BTW does anyone have any updates on Jose Ceda? Last I heard he had a bum shoulder during spring training, haven’t seen anything about him since.
Rhino I understand we have quite a few guys (quite a few is an understatement I know) that are just plain pathetic right now, and it’s just not one guy. I can’t stand Hermida’s showing thus far as much as you do, I can’t stand the all-or-nothingness that some of these guys (Ross, Uggla) show on a daily basis. But these guys, as miserable as we may feel about them, are what we have, and they are not all useless. And while I haven’t been as willing to blame Fredi for all these struggles, he does certainly bear some blame as he is not utilizing these guys as he should (like screwing Maybin batting him eighth day in day out, making sure a reliever pitches every day, etc.). To be more specific though (and to let loose some energy to get some sleep after watching tonight’s atrocity).......... Bonifacio is utilized in the wrong way; this man is no leadoff hitter. He Ks too much. He doesn’t hit for a high average. He walks too little. He has blazing speed, but this isn’t yet a skill, just simply a tool. Coming to a decision with respect to him should be the first order of business. Can he improve on all this? Of course he can, but right now he is a glorified Joey Gathright. And he can’t even jump over cars (maybe he is working on a Youtube video to prove me wrong who knows). More seasoning with his buddy Maybin at AAA or utility guy status needs to happen soon, because all this hullabaloo over a singles hitter every day will not be conducive to success over the long haul. Jeremy Hermida, despite his mammoth blast tonight, is too inconsistent. He is, however, patient, and will draw a walk. I actually have no problem having him bat eighth ONLY if Hanley is leading off (which I believe he should be doing with Cantu batting third and Baker/Uggla/Ross ahead). Take the pressure to drive in runs off of him, let him take junk crap right before the pitcher since he loves watching pitches go by, have him get on base so the pitcher can bunt him over, and Hanley drives him in. A nice idea, if only in theory. Chris Coghlan is a natural infielder, he has no business embarrassing himself in left (so much for an emphasis on defense this year uh?). Stick him at third, he has good range and he will be more comfortable. His line-drive swing, his approach at the plate, plus his good speed screams number 2 hitter. Speaking of defense, we actually DO have the guys that can play good defense, it all depends if our knowledgeable front office and lovable Fredi decide to roll it out. If it were up to me, I would try to somewhat mimic what Seattle has going in their outfield in that they have a black-hole like defense but light hitting guys in Gutierrez and Ichiro (heck of a light hitter though). Put Hermida back in left, Carroll in center, and Ross in right. This definitely beats what we put out there tonight. I’m not gonna expand into Fredi’s use of the bullpen, it’s been atrocious. Only Volstad and Johnson are reliable. I know bringing in a couple players (specifically a starter and a viable outfielder) won’t fix this overnight. I still think it’s enough to overcome the managerial ineptitude we’ve been seeing. Besides, what manager isn’t considered inept by many of his team’s fans? Adding some pieces still could put us over the top though (and show the players that ownership isn’t standing pat and is indifferent to what goes on). Plus, what’s the point of playing these games if we aren’t gonna grind it through and improve? Might as well bring back Maybin and have him develop here. Slumps and streaks happen, and if tonight was any indication, maybe Uggla and Ross have awoken. Uggla and Ross have track records, not extensive by any means (especially with Ross) but if they’ve done it before, why can’t they do it again? It’s not like they’re age 35 and declining. We’re still 3.5 games out, Nolasco looked good in his short stint the other night. Also, what team doesn’t have rotation issues? Look at the stats on each and every Philly starter. Now do the same for the Mets. At least we have a two-man show. Obviously as you mentioned elsewhere, our entire bullpen will land on the DL at some point, if not by the end of this week. But until that happens, why not open up the wallet, send a message to fans and players. It might not make financial sense for Loria to open up his wallet, but it makes practical baseball sense to do so. At what point is upgrading talent at the major league level and not the minor league level going to be an option for this franchise? Maybe by 2030 when all those “losses” get recouped? Or maybe when “payroll matches revenue”?
"I'm fraustrated that a utility infielder with no strike zone discipline, an inability to steal bases, no pop to his bat and an OBP that resembles a batting average WHY is such a player viewed as such a significant piece of a roster." If you hadn't mentioned Alfredo there at the beginning I would’ve thought you were talking about Emilio lmao.... You want the recipe to turn this team around? It’s simple. Have Mr. Loria up the payroll and let Beinfest trade for Matt Holliday or a similar type of player in his situation, and get Pedro Martinez. See, it isn’t so hard!
Once I got to Jeter and Rivera, I stopped reading. “Cmon, at least the Nationals would trade Olsen and Willingham for Bonifacio, right? No? Stunning.“ I always shed a tear when I think of those days Willingham would step up to the plate, “Even Flow” blaring in the background. Such a professional hitter in the truest sense of the word. Possesses patience and power, good eye, is clutch. Then, I think about Bonifacio..... the anti-Willingham..... *sigh* It pains me to think we kept Hermida and Ross over him......... The back? Doesn’t seem to be a problem this year. Just looking at the stats right now, his OBP is 40 points higher than Bonifacio’s and his AVG is actually 40 points less..... And to think Bonifacio is seen as a full time player by people who unbelievably can walk and breathe at the same time.
One retread out, another one on the way! But at least the Dirty Sanches is pitching well in the minors, maybe he has made those “adjustments” necessary that Koronka has yet to make. If they decide to bring this guy up, I’d still prefer Penn or Meyer get the start (forget “The Hopper”, another soft tossing nice guy whose few praises get sung loudly by Rich and Tommy).
I was expecting Hermida to be something big as well Rhino. What I’ve noticed everytime I’ve seen him at the plate is that he seems scared to swing the bat. His high OBP in the minors, seems more like a function of his passivity than his patience. I remember seeing a stat that of all the players in the majors he let more fastballs go by than anyone else or something to that effect, but just having seen him all this time it wouldn’t surprise me. He also hits too many groundballs to ever be a major power guy, he would have to play in Texas to ever peak at 25 homers. Cameron on the other hand, despite being a failure so far, I still think has a long way to go before being labeled a bust. From everything I’ve heard about him he seems to be a student of the game and should keep getting some more polish. He’s looked like Abercrombie at the plate and has done some bone-headed mistakes like we saw yesterday, but at least his defense isn’t as bad as Reggie’s. The fact is that if he doesn’t pan out, can you really criticize anyone but Loria for his hideous penny-pinching ways? Let’s face it, when you wheel and deal as much as Beinfest has had to in order to trim payroll, eventually you’re gonna land some goose eggs. Evaluating prospects still isn't an exact science. Our situation right now doesn’t look good, but it could be worse (Pirates, Nationals). Hopefully when the new stadium is up ownership stops crying poor and they lock up guys who deserve the money instead of having to resort to unproven guys at every position every 3-4 years. But then again, a new stadium hasn’t done much wonders for the Pirates has it?
John Koronka: Career 6.02 ERA. Soft-tossing lefty. Below-average stuff, weak strikeout ratio, and gets hit a ton. If this guy is not a retread in the Mark Hendrickson mold, I don’t know what is. Instead of putting Meyer and Badenhop in yesterday’s game, they should’ve let Meyer start and Badenhop take over after 70 or so pitches. Why not give Dan Meyer a shot if he’s been a starter before? And please make the argument that they haven't been too different over their major league careers or that we need a LOOGY in the pen so I can have a good chuckle.
Please send Bonifacio along with him!
John Koronka! A retread with no upside! Yes!