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I think everyone is, as usual, being too harsh on Bradley. Criticizing his use of players like Bornstein and Beckerman is nonsense because he had no other options. It becomes a problem only if he continues to use these players after last night's performances and seeing how he has removed players like Pearce, Califf, and Beasley after failing to perform I do not think he will make that mistake. Also, is anyone going to give him credit for having the team prepared to beat the offside trap that got us in San Salvador? Who knows what happens without that goal; it is entirely possible that we could be looking up in the standings at Mexico and Costa Rice today without it.
Sonic, I agree 100% with what you are saying but I feel it never quite works out that way. The problem I should have mentioned earlier (and a big miss by me for not doing so) is that because there are an odd number of teams one team is sitting out during the last round of play. This gives the two other teams a major advantage because they know exactly what is necessary to advance going into their final match. On the other hand, the odd team out goes into its last match with a general idea of what is required (win, draw, loss, basically they know the result needed) but the specifics of goal difference are unknown. It is very unfairly constructed. My original point that Toronto played a second string side is a moot issue in all other tournaments. This is because all the teams in the league or group play simultaneously on the final match day or go on to a playoff tournament. In fact, with the UEFA Cup soon giving way to the Europa League I cannot think of a tournament or league where goal difference is used in a situation with an odd number of teams. Since it appears Canada has only three teams of the quality to be in this tournament I think the right move is to use a final match in the event the teams are tied on points, with the tie-breakers used to determine the home team. If all three are tied, have #3 @ #2, with the winner @ #1. I do not think any of the teams would complain about increased fairness, exposure, or revenue in this scenario.
If there is one advantage to the MLS system of playoffs it is seen here. No way should a game like this decide the Canadian bid for the champions league spot. Does anyone here really think Vancouver could not have improved on their 2-0 scoreline from earlier in the tournament if they were the ones playing this second-string side last night? The rules should be altered so goal difference is used to determine home field advantage for a one-game final and I think all leagues around the world currently using tie-breakers in the top two should adopt it in case of a tie. It just wouldn't be fair if, for example, an English title was decided on goal difference because one team put ten past a Derby-level patsy on the final day. Plus, a championship game like that brings in $$$ so I see no reason why leagues would not want to have it in place.
I'm with Homey on this one, what Pepe did was completely unnecessary but to say what he did is somehow a disgrace to the game is absurd. DIVING is a disgrace to the game and in my opinion the Getafe striker should be suspended, too, for such a ridiculous fall. Either that, or all divers should be kicked a few times by opposing teams. A yellow card really fails to drive the point home, especially since in many cases a yellow card has no effect whatsoever (for example, Drogba going shirtless after his goal in the FA CUP Semi-final). Time to start handing out suspensions and fines for divers, whether they get the call or not. As for Pepe, the first kick was clearly trying to play the ball. If the player wasn't STILL in the process of diving he would have made contact with the ball and not have needed to make a second swing. Given that he did kick a player on the ground Pepe probably should have some extra games tacked onto the normal red card suspension but I don't think it should go anywhere beyond the end of the season.
Three-nil down, THEN you start scoring