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This would explain those rather jolting tweets about a "cup of tea". Honestly, I thought it was a euphemism. In all seriousness, really glad to see you blogging here again. Can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy your take on all things tennis.
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And yet, somehow, wearing that awful green Fila creation, they handed her the trophy in Australia. I can only assume that Fila is paying her well to wear such stuff. It's sort of the anti-fashionista approach. And to read the descriptions of this outfit, Fila actually brought back the crinkle fabric of the 80's for the jacket. Seriously?
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Maybe it will serve to cover up some of the clothing she is forced to wear. Certainly can't hurt on that front! Here's to more football jerseys for her.
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Congrats! It is well deserved--it's about content, not about window dressing. And the content is fantastic--fun, fresh and insightful. You may have found a calling by accident.
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And, finding no other place to really pass this on to you, I have chosen Tuesday Tunes... A little Corgi feature apparently created for the Queen. The one in England. Thought you'd be amused. Enjoy.
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2010 on Tuesday Tunes at Forty Deuce
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Completely excited! This is what sport is about--you have to play to see what happens. And, I feel that almost anything can happen in this one. When young players decide to step up and play bravely against a favorite, it's great. The hours will be a challenge of course. But, such is the case in the European season.
Toggle Commented May 18, 2010 on "I'm So Excited! I'm So...Scared!" at Forty Deuce
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Jan 3, 2010
Stream that is working for me: Hope it helps...
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2010 on It's Ba-aaaaaack! at Forty Deuce
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C Note-- Thank you for a most insightful, sarcastic and well-written blog. I too, lurk and check it multiple times a day! Love your analysis and wit and very timely tennis news. I left a big-time corporate job many years ago. People thought I was crazy. I was grateful for the work and loved the content, but could not survive in the environment and what it became as I became more senior. And, just last month I started a dream job that is really ideal for me. I took years off and consulted and planned and then found this. After interviewing for 6 months to be sure it was a fit, I joined them and get to start a regional location for them. I am thrilled with both the work content, my ability to contribute and the environment. Sure, I would have made more money in corporate-land, but I would not have been happy. So, don't worry about the doubters. Listen to your heart. You will find something that fits you and your skills (which are clearly many). And, don't worry about a timeline. It will work out. Thank you for the wonderful blog! Have a great and clearly well-earned vacation.
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2010 on Bring On 2010 at Forty Deuce
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I'm wondering if the calculations were off because last year was an Olympic year and tournaments roll off the calendar at a different time. In past years, the tournament that you are playing would drop off just as new results are posted. I think this also happened when Murray moved to #2, but a week after the tourney. And, Dinara had medal points from the Olympics in singles, which she will also lose, possibly giving the edge to Serena. And, maybe that wasn't taken into account when people were calculating the differential by just looking at the US Open. In either case, I hope Dinara can find some joy in tennis.
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I want to say that I really enjoy your site and am glad that you are seeking to preserve what makes it great. I don't comment much, but others often say what I would. And, I don't always agree with everything said, but I enjoy the arguments that are made in support of the positions. I can take it if you don't like my favorite players. Mostly I am very, very appreciative of the way that you manage to update a site more regularly than anyone I have found in the tennis space while working a demanding job. I can relate, but I just have to read it all while working. Thanks again! (Yes, I'm wordy. I will work on editing in the future.)
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