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this was so awesome, man Thanks. I'm glad that you enjoyed the Carolla podcast regardless of his semi-serious(?)/dickish insult about you.
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I just want to add that 1) the podcast was added only a few hours ago to Carolla's site, and 2) I could wallpaper my bedroom with pages of your imdb profile, so I don't really understand the "doesn't work here" b.s.
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Wil, did you catch this podcast during which Jerry O'Connell said that you misinterpreted something that he said then Adam Carolla says (paraphrasing) "Do you know why Wil Wheaton doesn't work in this town? He's a huge prick. Ask anyone. Just ask anyone you meet why Wil Wheaton doesn't work here. They'll say 'he's a dick.'" I just want to start an argument, I guess.
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lmao @ "baaaad mooontaaaage" Edit: Damn. It's actually "band montage." "Bad montage" is much more appropriate.
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2009 on everything's drawn and super 80s at WWdN: In Exile
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Hey, man. I am the pale, tall guy who was wearing sunglasses. You signed my baseball. When you signed my ball I requested it to be inscribed "Stand By Me?" You asked, "Are you going to sell it?" I was almost afraid to request the inscription because I knew that you were going to think "sales douche." Well, I want to restate that I will never sell the ball. I have followed your blog on my blog for a long time, and I have the utmost respect for you. Apparently the entire con had a similar respect (judging by the line). You are becoming the god of comic cons, I guess. Anyway, thanks for not charging me for it. I was running short on bills.
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