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Kim Walker
I have been a litigation paralegal in Philadelphia for over 30 years.
Interests: Technology, Reading, Support Center for Child Advocacy, Innocence Project
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Jul 22, 2015
Imagine, if you could, being in prison. Imagine, if you possibly could, being in prison for a crime you didn't commit. I can barely tolerate waiting on the subway when there is a ten minute delay. I couldn't possibly imagine being in prison for a crime I didn't commit. I don't think you can either. Trust me, I know that prisons are full of guilty people, but there are also innocent prisoners. Some of these prisoners have been put to death for a crime they did not commit. Prisoners have actually been found innocent AFTER they have been put to... Continue reading
Posted Sep 27, 2013 at Paralegal Pie
My grandmother passed away in 1989 but today would be her 95th birthday and I thought it would be nice to remember her by sharing some special advice she gave me. One afternoon while she was washing the dishes and I was drying the dishes she handed me a plate that still had a spec of food on it. I turned to her, handing her back the plate saying "you missed a spot." She turned to me and said "a good dish dryer doesn't complain about the dish washer." It wasn't until years later that I finally got what she... Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2011 at Paralegal Pie
LOL! We use inter-office envelopes every day for sending checks, magazines, newspapers, mail - all kinds of stuff. Of course not as much as in days past, like the typewriter. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry
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I was commenting to my friend who was sitting across from me on a huge plane with maybe 15 passengers on it about how difficult the images on the "safety card" were to interpret. A very nice flight attendant was walking by and he said "you do have to know what to do in an emergency in case I get hurt and can't help you." I said something along the lines of "oh don't worry about helping me... I have a DNR." He then proceeded to tell me that a DNR is not valid in the air or sea. I was pretty shocked I was thinking to myself "hmm? I can't make my own health care decisions but this flight attendant has the right to make one for me?" Of course there isn't a person on the planet that could guess whether or not I had a DNR but if I had, lets say a DNR BRACELET on at the time I would expect that anyone trained to perform CPR would respect my wishes but that is not the case. I have recently learned that even EMTs do not recognize DNRs. To be clear a DNR simply states that if a person stops breathing that he/she wishes not to be resuscitated. Personally I think that is everyone's right to chose whether they do want to be resuscitated or not. Some people beleive in life taking its natural course and some do not. I am certified in CPR and Emergency Care and even though my belief is to let life take its natural course I would have to perform CPR on someone that had a DNR. I have no fear of death, I have a fear of suffering. Many terminally ill passengers fly every day. I have been doing alot of research on this subject because I am just plain curious about how valid a DNR really is if you are not lying dying in a hospital.
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2011 on Snakes on a Plane at Paralegal Pie
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About a lifetime ago I started working with an attorney (who for the record I adore) and the first time I walked in to his office and began to speak he looked me right in the eyes and said "no pronouns please." Although I couldn't see my face I'm pretty sure it was saying something along the lines of what? huh? are you a crazy man? am I on Punk'd? what do you mean by no pronouns? And my head is spinning -- pronouns are words like he, she, it, them... right? I begin to question myself and sweat profusely... Continue reading
Posted Jun 13, 2011 at Paralegal Pie
In the last 10 days I have been on 6 planes, in 4 cities. I like to travel; it doesn't bother me at all. But I have to say that over the last 10 days there have been more times than not that I wish there were snakes on the plane and not humans. Would a snake think that he if were sitting in row 23 he would be able to get off the plane first? Would a snake think that he could jam a 35 inch suitcase in an overhead compartment that is only 20 inches square? Would a... Continue reading
Posted May 4, 2011 at Paralegal Pie
Valerie, It is! :) Kim
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2011 on Lateral Thinking Puzzle Answer at Paralegal Pie
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Now that I'm (almost) over it I was laughing because I have been trying to downsize everything the last year. I wanted to see how far I could go before I was unwilling to give someting up. I figure this is the universe's way of telling me --- eh, you got a way to go yet! My Kindle was stolen too :(
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2010 on I KNOW Better at Paralegal Pie
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Just so I'm clear... you don't want to know if I hit the lottery? :)
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2010 on In case I get hit by a bus at Paralegal Pie
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Mar 15, 2010
Sounds like you should get your resume in order and see if you can find an attorney that will appreciate you. They are out there - even in this economy parelegals are still in demand.
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2010 on Holiday gifts for the "boss" at Paralegal Pie
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Wow! Brilliant idea! I am sure your attorneys will love the gift and especially the thought!
Toggle Commented Dec 12, 2009 on Holiday gifts for the "boss" at Paralegal Pie
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One of the best things I did in my career was to join the Philadelphia Association of Paralegals. I am certain your area has a paralegal association you can join too. I had been a paralegal for about 25 years at the time that I met another paralegal from PAP while we were speaking at an IPE seminar. As she was speaking to me about PAP I was thinking to myself yeah I don't think so...there is nothing that PAP is going to teach to this old dog. Turns out I was very wrong. For some reason a few months... Continue reading
Posted Oct 19, 2009 at Paralegal Pie