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Dave, Believe it or not, there are a lot of Quakes fans here in SF. Just be thankful that the front office made the mistake years ago by not pursuing a permanent home in San Francisco, which would have made a little more sense, in my biased and surely slanted opinion. In other words, throw us a bone, we like to have some live soccer matches here too. Plenty of soccer fans in this city, now just need to make them MLS fans. This is a step in the right direction. Kezar would be the PERFECT MLS venue, all can agree!
Anyone know if univision will have a live stream of the game? Looks like they are currently streaming Mex-Brazil but it's hard to navigate their site to find out the schedule. When is NBC sports gonna get their act together and start streaming these games? Great coverage, but really have dropped the ball with the online content both for MLS but also USMNT. No mention of soccer on their homescreen. Lame.
Has there been an update on whether NBC Sports will be offering the live-stream of their MLS games? In the press release from November, they said they would but I haven't seen any update from then and it doesn't appear on their live-stream schedule on their site. Major fail if they don't get that working. Thank god for MLS live, streaming is the way of the future; it's the way of the future, it's the way of the future... NBC, please make it happen.
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2012 on This Weekend's Soccer on TV at Soccer By Ives
Is that all there were in attendance. Sure looked like more on TV, seemed like a normal Seattle crowd. A well-disguised "weak" number for Seattle, in my opinion. Great win nonetheless. I was sad that Alonso's juggle-back to himself, then volley at goal never got a chance to materialize, would have been an epic goal... and very important 2 goal advantage.
I totally agree with you on both points. Finding up and coming talent is the best approach. Also, you're spot on in describing the risks with signing any new player. Someone had to take a chance at Drogba, some time ago, no? This is why teams have scouts and do research. Finding a young, talented player with POTENTIAL can be a bargain when you're the team to nab them BEFORE they emerge as a top player. Some teams do it with Youth Development, others do it with scouting.
I have the same feelings about the turf in seattle. Come'on now, I know they can grow grass in that stadium. I read this article last night about this: It seems that growing the grass is not the problem but scheduling the swap out from turf to grass is a major headache; it's supposed to take 8 months, which means displacing either the sounders or seahawks for a season. Seattle, for all its forsight, dropped the ball when choosing to go with Field Turf. Time for them to make up for it.
Josh D, Solidarity, I share your experience with Colombia. I am loving the MLS gateway for Colombian players, I think they have made a huge positive impact on this league (Angel, Ferreira, Torres, Hurtado, Conde, Valderama, Montero, - these are not average players, but great players) I have dated a Colombian for four years and my travels there have been nothing short of amazing. If you like to eat, and dance, and party, explore, and appreciate beautiful women - this is the place for you. Do yourself a favor and visit Tayrona National Park, and Cartagena. Vive Cafeteros!
"it's nice to see the Americas, North and South, doing well" Agreed, lets bring the cup back to the AMERICAS! I agree also that its good to have Mexico advance. We've now been weighed and measured in Group play, and we DESERVE to be in the round of 16. Without a doubt. Now its time to provide the goods v. Ghana. I know the guys will be ready. Lets take it one game at a time, I'm fine with that. DTOM
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2010 on USA 1, Algeria 0: A Look Back at Soccer By Ives
Its looking like Pete's Tavern, San Francisco for me, my lady(a converted USA Fan {via Colombia for this W.C.}), and my soccer buds. Cannot wait any longer, these simultaneous matches are AMAZING! LOVE IT!!
I think its amazing (and sad for valencia) because looking at the game clock, his third goal happens while they are still showing the highlights of his 2nd goal, it must have been right after the restart at the circle? Did anyone else notice this? I'd love to see the uninterrupted replay!
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2010 on Messi's magical hat-trick at Soccer By Ives
Did anyone else notice that Harkes looked like he was shedding serious weight? The shots of him in a suit at the beginning looked like when Tom Hanks turned back into the little boy at the end of BIG. Seriously, get this guy a tailor, or better, get him off the air. Wynalda > Harkes by a mile.
Totally agree with you when I saw the replay, it really looked like he'd torn something in his knee, I am shocked that it wasn't a combo injury to knee and fibula. I think it was a freaky type play, and without being able to see the replay again - I have to admit, I didn't notice the contact to his lower leg. I was so focused on watching his knee bend to the side. I think he's lucky to be out only 6 weeks honestly. Is it a hairline fracture or something, seems pretty short for a fracture?
He should be concerned with playing at the highest level in an environment that nurtures his growth as a professional. The Colombian league almost certainly pays more for young talent than MLS and their wimpy contracts. I'd like to see more US players find their way into South American Leagues and the big Colombian clubs - Millonarios, Santa Fe, Deportivo Cali, could be great inroads. Check your spelling on the nation of Colombia, folks, its not a city in South Carolina.
Well said, at 17 years old, he should be concerned with playing at the highest level in an environment that nurtures his growth as a professional. While you may not have Colombian(spelled with an "o", by the way)matches in your American TV library, it does not negate the fact that the Colombian league is a good destination with probably more following and more visibility, locally, than MLS. Die-hard fans, intense rivalries, and more creative soccer = great for development.
I found full match highlights including the BRILLIANT bicycle kick attempt by Dempsey. Its incredible, well struck, and a shame to not go in. He hit it too well, actually. Also, his turn and shoot attempt later in the game would have been an equally impressive goal. The turn alone is worthy of some of the best strikers in the game. Deuce, please start your recovery now!! Does anyone have any extra horse placenta??!! Enjoy the highlights:
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2010 on Dempsey verdict set for Tuesday at Soccer By Ives
England is the one team I'd love to beat, I know we did so in a friendly, once in my lifetime, but that was when Tom Dooley was still relevant. Nothing against that team, loved those guys but I want to see a modern victory that will become a touchstone for this era of players AND fans!!!
I also got my tickets in the March window, but obviously don't know the teams I'll be seeing yet. Even though, I'm excited for the random games and seeing some new countries play live. Its truly the greatest sporting event in the world and the best part about it is meeting other fans. The passion is infectious. When I hop on the plane, i hope to be sporting this MONEY new USMNT Jersey!!! Check it out: I am all over this design, its truly...AMERICAN and hopefully the diagonal sash is a iconic look that will last more than one World Cup cycle.
Chad, Luciano Emilio recently got his citizenship!! Is this even a remote possibility? Anyone else out there think he could be better than guys like Casey and EJ? I think he's worth a shot, especially since we're giving caps to guys like Cunningham and Ching.
Come on you KIWIS!!! Come on you KIWIS!!!
I completely agree, Jozy's success lies in his willingness and eagerness to EARN a starting spot. Any new manager would give him the same shot. Remember, the rosters in the EPL are filled with professional athletes, all gifted, all skilled and aside from the special ones -rooney, gerard, drogba, etc- the vast majority of them need a well tuned mindset to distance themselves from their competition in order to earn playing time. I would put Jozy in this second category, with the caveat that he could develop into a more special talent, with the right grooming and self-discipline.
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2009 on Report: Brown out at Hull City at Soccer By Ives
Anyone out there have highlights of the Seattle v KC match; they're not on Does Seattle sell their TV rights to someone else? Arnaud isn't even one of the Goal of the Week finalists, WTF? Instead, MLS has gone with the "Stars Shine" headline and have included Convey's fairly average goal and DeRo's well taken, but not outstanding header. Is this another silly attempt by MLS to highlight the league's "Star Power"? What happened to the policy to simply have the best goals be nominated, seems logical to me.