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It seems like no one here really read the information in the article before responding negatively. No where does the article state that exercise will cure migraine head aches. What the article does say is that through regular exercise, patients had "fewer migraines, less intense pain, and used less migraine medication during the last month." Essentially the article is saying that through exercise you can improve your quality of life. Truth is everyone can improve their quality of life through exercise, whether a person suffers from a debilitating chronic condition or not. I do not feel as though the article trivializes the pain or suffering that migraines cause. If anything it tries to be encouraging about the news that a non-pharmaceutical intervention could help decrease the sufferers symptoms. The thing to remember about this article is that there were only 26 people in the study. Thats a very small demographic. Hopefully through further study certain exercises or a certian routine can be designed for the migraine sufferer specifically.
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