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is that you gkall? wow.
I can't wait for the season to start already!
Anyone who thinks Michael Beasley isn't going to make a significant jump from his first to second year is just silly. Coach said he is faster and added 10 pounds of muscle. Him and Dwayne will be just fine together, lighting the league up.
I have a question for the blog... Since all Willie-Pino's are retarts, does that make all retarts Willie-Pino's? I am just glad that Mike is getting this out of the way before training camp, because it is going to be a lot of fun watching him take the starting job from Haslem. That kids a baller. Williams46 sucks.
Don't be so hot Leo. Drink some lemonade. Everything is cyclical.
How many different teams have won a championship in the last 20 years?
I am looking forward to watching a season of growth from within. Go Heat! Everyone forgets that we won 15 games year before last. We went down to the crossroads, sold our soul to the devil, won a championship, and now we are paying the price. Our punishment is almost over though. Have some faith in Riley. Do you really think we have all of those expiring contracts for nothing?
Anyway you look at it, abortion is wrong. Very, very wrong. Posted by: williams46 | August 11, 2009 at 01:06 PM This guys just makes me sad. It's too bad he wasn't one of his fathers millions of drain babies. Why a real baby? WilliePino... go flush yourself down a drain. Go do what your father should have done.
Can we all just let Riles do his thing. The only way he is going to jeopardize 2010 is for the right player. He isn't going to force anything right now. How many teams have won a ring in the last 20 years? Not many, we're lucky to suck this much. He knew after he made the trade to acquire Shaq that there would be some bad times down the road. Well... those bad times are almost gone now and we have some great pieces to build on. Everything is cyclical. PG-Chalmers SG-DWade SF-Johnson PF-Beasley C- Haslem (just kidding)
I remember Haslem essentially punching Dirk in the mouth each game. While Dirk still had good numbers, they weren't out of this world and he was certainly upset. Haslem got in his head. Start Beasley, keep Haslem, go after Johnson. Posted by: BeezterRabbit | July 31, 2009 at 04:15 PM _____________________ Haslem was abused but Heat fans like to look the other way when it comes to Haslem because he "tried so hard"......we have appluaded Haslem for his efforts but never graded for his ability and that should change in light of all the smack he has talked recently! Posted by: King Riley | July 31, 2009 at 04:18 PM It sounds like you don't think Haslem would be a good backup to have on the team we'll have moving forward. If that is so, you are being unrealistic. Don't forget he can guard all 5. :)
I remember Haslem essentially punching Dirk in the mouth each game. While Dirk still had good numbers, they weren't out of this world and he was certainly upset. Haslem got in his head. Start Beasley, keep Haslem, go after Johnson.
Now we're talking about Melo? In reality, while the thought of Lebron makes me jizz in my pants, shouldn't we just focus on Joe Johnson and an above average point guard and/or center. Is Johnson really a max-contract player? Isn't this a team game? There should be enough cap room to have strength at every position and still have good backups. Lebron won't swallow his pride and come here. Eventually the ego's would clash.
*Carlos Boozer is not worth our time. He folds to pressure or breaks a part of himself. AND, we have a plethora of competent players at that position, who all can play another position (somewhat) as well. Can we not forget his muppet eyebrow? Eyebrows like that aren't allowed on tv in Miami. *Beasley is another year from being a monster. Wade can wait. Riles knows this.
Beasley and co. for CP3 and co... that would be worth trading our young future allstar for. They get hope and a ton off the books next year and we get our PG and C.
Why don't we go after CP3? NO is broke. That would be worth trading B-EZ...
Why don't we trade Ira for Odom?
I'm on my way to my girls house, hoping that I get some. What is sad is that while I'm there I'll really be wondering if any Heat trades have gone down. We are a bunch of maniacs.
what happened to finding a real center? that is our main need.
i'd like to see odom without a boozer. b-ez is cheap and certainly has a future with us as starting pf. Boozer is a fake. And his muppet-like eyebrows don't look good in miami. wade is biw, but not a gm.
Riley needs to trade chalmers, cook, moon, diawara, quinn and james jones for boozer, kg, tim duncan and amare. that would give us a great power rotation for spo to work with.
I saw J-Dub at a restaurant not too long ago and he looked good ====================== and rumor has it that jay wil still had trouble fighting through a screen that the waiter set up for the busboy... Posted by: doctorb | July 14, 2009 at 12:43 PM actually, it was the waitress girlies that were setting the screen. out of shape ex-ballers still get the b**ches. that is as good as any contract.
I saw J-Dub at a restaurant not too long ago and he looked good... not a fatty Ergo. Separately, I-Win needs more education in his life and less of us. Go away U-Lose.
Helium you have Beasley's d*ck stuck so far up your a$$ it's not even funny anymore. Anytime someone draws contrast to all the Beasley-d*ick sucking on this blog, you quickly jump in to bash that person. Posted by: I-Win | July 11, 2009 at 02:38 PM You need an education. You'll never win anything.
Why don't you try looking outside of this blog to see what the world thinks of Michael Beasley? You'll find that they view him as an undersized tweener draft bust with maturity issues that can't even make the damn Olympic tryouts compared to the likes of D.J. Augustin, Jerryd Bayless, Ronnie Brewer, Kyle Korver and Thaddeus Young. What a joke it is to read what people here think of Beasley. Kool-Aid is a hell of a drink. Posted by: I-Win | July 11, 2009 at 02:45 PM Another fool in our midst. Maybe you should just stay away...