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Sonny and Shawn are the worst ever ever ever! I cringe when they're on, especially with what they're doing to Carlos I'm stoked AJ is free, but are we going to see him again? :sniff: I love AJ and Liz, but she seems busy propping Patrina, much like everyone else in town and the writing room, so I think Robin could really use someone to bond with that is really hot. Patrick is obvi not interested. I hate this show so very very much
OHH EMMM GEEEEE!! Thank you soap gods!! I can't freakin' wait. And it's my birthday month so happy birthday to me. And William DeVry...I'm trying really hard not to be all stalky on twitter with him. But what's it gonna take to get a response from my future fake husband? I mean, this guy...OY, talk about total package. And GH, if you so even DARE to put The Thing Otherwise Known As Carly with him in a romantic way, I will come for you, oh yes, I will...
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2013 on Watch This Space (Also: Eeeee!!!) at Serial Drama
Oh and PS: David Hayward. EFF. YAH.
I can't remember who AJ's parents are, JR...and..? LOVED the show, Adam, Opal, Petey! Loved the line where he said something to the effect of, "UH, everyone watches TV on the internet now!" He's hot and can act. yay@! It's a fun, exciting time...I haven't even thought about GH! I'll still watch, but AMC and OLTL are like, the FUN, cable shows that are just more exciting. Plus it's NEW! This is new territory for and old genre that peeps are e motionally attached to and thought they lost and that's a great combo for EXTREME HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!
So so so happy, teared up with that sign at the end "FOR OUR FANS"...I mean, who does that? I was expecting it to say some peoples names who gave money or something, but when i saw, TO OUR FANS in huge italic font, it seriously warmed the cockles of my heart! Never thought much of Dani but after today I think she'll be a favorite-girls got chops and rocked every single scene. I love the cussing, lol. And Natalie and Cutter? yes. Worlds better than her and John, IMO. I am team Vickerman FOR LIFE and I was so psyched to see Nigel! Roxy & Alex? yes please! T&B - THANK YOU JEBUS! SOOO STOKED ON THIS. Can't wait to watch err day, any time I want!
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Agreed on the F&F front...they didn't have to do him like that. :( Seeing Brenda like this made my VM/Brenda heart so happy! Girlfriend was ON POINT. Carly was rabid, as usual. VM had me dying, delivering the best lines I've heard her say in forever. I love love loved it as well as AJ's reaction, Scotty's reasoning and agree that that scene with Carly, Bobbie and Scotty was great, I reallllly hope they keep Kin around (Bobbie too) and use him more versatily. He's too awesome and has too much history to be this resentful lame, chasing Laura around. I'd love for him to really, truly get over Laura and move on. Also, Michael is like, forever the straight man, and I guess that's okay 'cause it plays well against most other actors, especially AJ, :P And I was a total Niz-head! I'd wanted Becky and Tyler together since they were young punks (after JJ left first time). I would LOOOOVE a triangle with her, Nik, and AJ. 3 gorgeous chemistry-ridden actors? um, yes. let's see...what else did I like. OH! Stavros is HAWT and I really like his storyline so far. It totally makes sense, and I can't wait to see NULulu! Biggest problem? Patrina. Just ugh. Next please!
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2013 on Fast Forgiveness, GH-Style at Serial Drama
What Ladybug said!
Thanks @Scorpiosrule! I will try that tonight. @Tail-ey you are right on the money honey! Also,it's funny how many things we disagree with just on this blog alone, but everyone is in agreement that Liz/AJ are AWESOME! I wonder if we will ever be able to come up with a decent squishname for them....
Dammit Louise,now I have to watch this wretched mess, just for AJ/Liz. I hope it's worth the dryheaving I'll be doing when the Codd scenes come on. I watch on online, so how the hell do I FF the Codd scenes without totally throwing my wifi/laptop/whatever out of whack?
Sam had St. Jaysus threaten her life! He's never done that to a female, ever I don't think on this show. Which is saying something because St. Jaysus was very threaten-y all the time. And I do not recall Sam scoffing at Liz/Jason being pissed at her when they found out, like they were ridiculous for being angry. I do not like this Todd. He seems to be written differently than when he FIRST came on GH. I'm telling you - somehow, some way, pairing a man with Carly has a mushroom affect and everything goes to shit. Now that he likes Carly? Everyone can F-OFF. As someone above pointed out, this a very Guza-esque coupling. If RH stays at GH in the long run, I don't think I can watch this show (after Brenda leaves, of course)
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2013 on So Utterly Trivial! at Serial Drama
This soooo made my day! I will enjoy every minute of it and if it's only two weeks well that's better than nothin. However, I'd like no contrived kids or other things brought into the mix just to "blow-away" Sonny and Carly. Clearly, Carly could give two sh*ts about Jax and same with Sonny about Brenda. The way they treated both of them last time they were in town, well, just no. I want Brenda and Jax to not give a f*ck about them and enjoy the cast! Now if Sonny wants to come begging and apologizing, that's fine, as I'm a die-hard S&B'er always was always will be. But he did her dirt last time so he needs to grovel for any attention or time from her. I'd say the same with Carly/Jax but i abhor the shebeast and she's worn out her welcome onscreen, period. Whatever happens, I have so so so much confidence that Brenda's return will be nothing like the atrocious last returns that Guza penned, so for that I am grateful. Yes, Cartini could improve (coughSabrinaCoddcough)but since they're giving me the glorious gift of AJIZ I will skip along merrily :)
Toggle Commented Mar 6, 2013 on So Much YAY and WOO and GLEE at Serial Drama
Loving these posts! It's funny because I do think Cartini are trying to portray Slagbeast as more "human" than before, but it just comes off as "stupid" and "pathetic" and OOC! I almost believe that she WOULD forgive Todd, because ya know what? Jason's dead y'all. Carly needs a new man and Sonny is busy, Jax is too sane. This slag could care less what Todd does or has done. She just wants him to worship her and lying to her isn't worshippy enough for her. This show acts like she is a catch - with Johnny and Todd fighting over her, obsessed with her, todd said something today like, I've never NOT played games my whole life until now. Ya, thanks for that, Ron. FML
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2013 on Wholly Unbelievable! at Serial Drama
Okay, I'm here to defend Patrick! I was watching his scenes and totally identifying with him and his anger. My babydaddy just left me and our 21 month old daughter 2 months agao and is now living a whole new life with a new wardrobe, new lifestyle (bars, clubs) and a new younger girlfriend. And he is diagnosed bipolar. So even though he is mentally ill, it does NOT excuse or take away the disappointment, hurt, feelings of rejection that Patty is going through! Hell yeah he's pissed! So am I! He's resentful and this is oddly the only storyline on GH since the labine days is even remotely believeable. It's a very hard situation and i don't think he's being an ass at all. He just doesn't understand and is hurt. I feel his pain because, well literally, I am feeling his pain. P.S. My mom uses fake names at Starbucks all the time. She uses really old names like Mabel and Gertrude. It's awesome.