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Hydrogen has been falsely long known as the magic fuel. Hydrogen must be produced from water with another source of energy which is fossil fuel or electricity from any source. There is no large source of nearly pure hydrogen except the Sun and it is too expensive. Any hydrogen on earth is also expensive especially that made from aluminium and water. Much electricity is used to make aluminium and is better stored in batteries for use in electric vehicles. There is no extra hydropower in the world for making aluminum for fuel. Sodium is a more compact and easier to produce fuel than aluminum. Sodium sulphur batteries could be modified to fuel cells or flow batteries for nearly direct use and are cheaper than hydrogen fuel cells. The combined hydraulic hybrid technologies of Artemis and INNAS NOX could reduce fuel consumption to half of present for all types of motor vehicles at no higher costs than present transmissions; so hydrogen and fuel cells and biofuels are not necessary or economical. ..HG..
Hexane has an octane rating of about 25. Diesel engines or now tiny turbines from Bladon jets should be used in automobiles for higher efficiencies and very low NOx without catalysts and no particulates. Diesel or jet fuel is cheaper to produce from crude oil and should cost less. the production of gasoline instead of diesel releases more CO2 in production and more Co2 in use. ..HG..
Hexane is much better used in a diesel fuel; In fact heptane with one more CH2 group from Jeffry Pine, a relative of Ponderosa pine, was once used as the standard of ZERO motor octane gasoline. Someone else can tell you what its cetane rating is; probably about 40. ..HG..
There are many tons of uranium U238 in storage that will never be used for power but can be used for a redox battery as well as vanadium. The new organic compounds seem to be useful but how big of a unit has been built and tested. There is a large vanadium one in USA Utah and a newer one in USA Oxnard California. The very high power electronics now available make batteries very interesting for power reliability in factories and other buildings. The Edison power distribution system of direct current could be used again in local areas or buildings to save on AC losses in conduits. The battery power does not have to be converted to AC for lighting or motors: CFLs can run directly from batteries and so can efficient balasts for other lamps and efficient motor drives can be use modified easily to also run directly from the batteries as can computer power supplies. Inverters are available for other uses and can be modified UPS sysytems. ..HG..
Little large hydro power has been built by private capital in the US or elsewhere. If the subsidies and government regulations requiring wind power went away there would be no more wind farms built. The cost of storing wind energy till it is needed or providing backup with fossil fuels is very costly and windturbines produce only about 25 percent of their rated electricity over the years. The only way ethanol production from maize stays around is subsidies. Most people have no idea that they are already naturally radioactive so the anti nuclear folks including the oil producers are able to scare most of the people into believing that any and all radioactivity is to much, but forget to tell people that all the best foods are radioactive naturally as is every cell in every living thing including plants and people. If the people stayed put in the area near Fukishima not one person would have died from radioactive exposure during the last years since but several have died in automobile accidents. TEPCO had their big expensive battery installation at a wind power plant instead of at the reactors where it well might have saved them. They also ignored changes that their engineers had invented which would have cooled the reactors without large amounts of electricity. Regulations forced upon the nuclear power plants just out of fear have raised the costs. CANDU reactors are very reliable and can be built in a short time and can use as fuel all used fuel rods from US, UK, France, Japan, Russia, and China and others. The US produces a lot of used fuel rods but no actual fuel rod waste, but the government will not allow their use in CANDU or other heavy water reactors. Any Plutonium can be totally destroyed by using it in thorium based CANDU reactors. The present large reactors proposed for construction are a waste of money compared to the CANDU reactors but every country must have its own brand. China built two CANDU reactors on schedule and under budget but Russia underbid future ones just to get the business which is of course more expensive now and much delayed. The US government required that Japan evacuate large areas of its own population based on false fears and beliefs. Yes Chernobyl exposed people to radiation but not one person of the general population died within months of radiation and only about 50 people who were ordered to secure the reactor died. Many coal mines have had more deaths. Simply turning off diesel generators during the Tsunami may have worked to save them, but multiple sets of diesel generators can make all reactors in Japan safe from the failure of Fukushima; better yet use many Capstone turbines always running in an enclosed building. People will vote and demonstrate against nuclear power and text or talk on cell phones whilst driving. If the reactor had been built below sea level the ocean could have cooled it and radio active water would not have likely flowed back into the ocean. It is clear that Korea should build many more reactors and build undersea cables to japan for great income. All people against or for Nuclear power plants should read the book "Power to Save the World" All energy is nuclear energy and the big reactor in the sky, SOL, kills more people every year than even automobiles. ..HG..
There is no sustainable method of biofuel production for all of the aircraft in the world. The land area of all developed countries is not sufficient to produce their liquid fuel needs even if no area is used for food. These companies should be able to do the arithmetic about the crop area of the developed countries and their current production and max possible production to know that no country or even the world can produce its energy use from forests or fields. The word sustainable must be questioned if used in regards to agriculture produced energy which became unsustainable before the industrial revolution. ..HG..
Carbon dioxide and hydrogen and carbon monoxide if needed is made in large quantities in the US at Dakota Gasification, and with the large amount of wasted gas from shale oil there, there is a good use of this hydrogen to make ethanol and other chemicals with the use of hydrogen to feed organisms. Fuel to food was tried in the UK with Pruteen; now food to fuel is much more popular. Since only low income people of the world are deprived of inexpensive food so that jet fuel can be made from oil tree plantations or maize. ..HG..
One of the biggest sources of hydrogen and CO in the US is Dakota Gasification. An ethanol plant can be built there. When North Sea gas was cheap in the UK methanol was made from it and fed to organisms to produce Pruteen a cattle feed. Now food is made into automobile and airplane fuel. ..HG..
Capstone Turbine has been selling turbines to run on flare gas to power production equipment, pumps and compressors in the fields but not enough. Buried direct current power lines can be installed cheaply to take power from more turbines to a convertor at a grid interface. Direct current Norwegian hydro-power was sent 30 Kilometers under water to run compressors on a production platform to save on CO2 release costs. Such turbine power can also be used to convert methane to LNG in tanks until tanker can pick them up. StirLNG, Netherlands, liquifiers can be used for small production and continuous cooling of tanks. Foam glass can insulate the smallest and largest, of tanks. Propane, butane and ethane can be separated and stored in pressure tanks without continuous cooling. Years ago an attempt was made to get Philips Stirling to make a combined machine that had a Stirling engine power a Stirling refrigerator directly. A cooler was built in Japan on this premiss. Perhaps the cheapest combination is an INNAS NOAX engine operating a Stirling piston or a ionic liquid compressor for a LINDE cycle liquifier and or CNG storage. COATS LIMITED makes natural gas engines with rotating valves and these or others could be coupled instead of the electric motor of the StirLNG cooler for very low development and operating costs. ..HG..
INNAS NOAX, supported by Caterpillar, developed the hydraulic free piston engine and they should have made a copy to test power strokes. High excess oxygen and slow expansion can be done under computer control. Pescara, his engineer that is, made a dual piston free piston engine that used a turbine for power take off for a combined cycle. One car, one locomotive and several power plants and air compressors were built. The triple crankshaft Deltic was tested with a jet engine as turbo charger for the most efficient highest power per weight engine. An electric motor-generator turbo charger would be cheaper to implement as a follow cycle for cleanup. All diesels should have a combined flywheel starter generator to which any turbine excess electricity can be diverted. Bladon jets has made several small machines for automobiles. ..HG..
The people of Washington State would like the same cheap power that they had before it was sold to Californians and carbon fiber furnaces. They would like the price that it is sold to the furnaces even. Hydro-electricity is not unlimited; Very little additional will come from the Columbia river basin. ..HG..
With a hydraulic free piston engine similar to that demonstrated by INNAS NOAX and patented for Caterpillar plus the hydraulic gas bladder system and motors developed for automobiles by ARTEMIS; diesel fuel systems can require less than half the fuel for the same or better performance for all classes of vehicles. This is sufficient to eliminate the need for high performance electric automobiles with long range. Filters and catalysts eliminate particles and combustion gases other than CO2. Whilst diesel is less CO2 intensive than gasoline to produce and use and less costly too per unit energy, methane; LPG or CNG can also be used in such an engine as well as the liquid fuel gas dimethylether,DME made from methane or other sources. DME made from any source, even coal, is perhaps the cheapest and cleanest fuel to be used for long distance travel and to reduce the need for fuel imports and complicated refining. Dakota Gasification could produce DME with slight changes and they already sequester as much as half of their CO2 with a rising demand for much more. The NOAX type free piston engine can do efficient compression ignition of methane as well as other high "octane" fuels such as propane, ethanol and methanol. Catalytic converters were instituted by law to reduce carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons now laws can require the use of hydraulic hybrids at far lower costs with better performance than battery electric vehicles. There is a place for cheap battery electric automobiles and that is at home and in shopping mall parking lots etc. In the US the requirement for child restraint seats means that large vehicles with high fuel consumption are used. ..HG..
This article does not mention the method of energy storage or the amount of energy stored in the module. The need for such modules clearly demands that wind turbines and other variable energy sources restate their kWh costs and their carbon footprint so that investors and customers and the public are not deceived. The cost of these units must be added to the published costs of intermittent energy sources. Wind turbines must also only be allowed to advertise the average yearly energy expected rather than the peak even in promotional literature and news controlled by the company. A wind turbine cannot for example supply the energy for X number of houses because the answer is zero with no wind. ..HG..
One hundred percent nuclear electricity is possible in developed countries now, which leaves coal and natural gas available to convert into liquid fuels for automobiles which makes efficient liquid fuels available in more countries as well as making electricity available where wood was used before. Fifty watts is enough for any household for an efficient electric cooker. Buried plastic covered sodium filled tubes are low cost conductors that few would want to steal a second time. ..HG..
ICI made Pruteen, protein cattle food, from methane using an organism found on an athletic field, and invented large scale equipment to do it. Converting the methane to hydrogen and CO could allow the production of ethanol directly with known organisms. The methane can be from anaerobic digestion. Converting methane to liquid fuels could be the most important project of the century. It is not hard to make liquid methane and to keep it cold ith modern equipment on the other hand. ..HG..
Due out in 2016,Peugeot Citroen has teamed up with Bosch to create a hybrid car that uses hydraulics to capture and transfer energy. ..HG..
The Artemis hydraulic hybrid technology would reduce the fuel consumption of delivery vehicles to less than one half of the present value when combined with the Innas NOAX free piston engine. Robert Bosch owns the Artemis technology for road vehicles now and may be introducing vehicles soon. MHI owns the Artemis company now and is building windmills with it. This technology reduces fuel consumption and CO2 release at lower costs than any technology including bio-fuels. Fuel cells can never be as cost effective in roadway vehicles as modern hydraulic hybrid technology. FZSONICK and GE have ZEBRA batteries in mass production where ever delivery vehicles might need them. When the Cell Phone tower market is saturated with the GE DURATHON batteries, the price may become low enough for vehicles as predicted by Beta UK over ten years ago. After a few cells fail in such batteries, the remaining cells can be recycled for use in stationary power uses fow another ten or more years of use. The CSIRO hybrid supercap lead batteries are also useful for vehicles and are being made in mass production. A tiny range extender can be placed in any of many places in delivery vehicles for emergency power of a kW or so to slowly return to a charger. One hour of running Such a machine gives about five miles of range; three kW might operate such a vehicle at full delivery speed all day; Bladon jets has made tiny prototype turbines also for range extenders. ..HG..
Corn ethanol is a scam. Bio Char might be very good for gardens and farms even. I hope that they are building next to a natural gas pipe and convert methane to liquid fuels when bio-mass is not available; even that process reduces CO2 release compared to making liquid fuels from crude oil. If they are close to an oil field they can sequester CO2 in it and the oil company can improve production. They could even use coal when natural gas is too expensive for very low cost jet fuel. The airlines should build these plants to operate on natural gas right now. ..HG..
Small portable units should be put in North Dakota and convert flared natural gas to gasoline. Units could also be placed at Dakota gasification in that area to make liquid fuels out of their streams of CO and H2. ..HG..
Parry People Movers has two commercially operating flywheel rail passenger vehicles. Flywheel locomotives ran freight trains on third rail passenger lines with very high efficiency and stops in gaps. Flywheels are needed in almost every piston engine. TOROTRAK has very interesting transmission that can brake a vehicle to a stop and put much of the energy in a flywheel without heating friction discs and leave the engine running without needing a clutch. Constaninesco also had a very versatile transmission worked out after building a system to shoot through the airscrew arc without damage to the blade for WWI UK aircraft. The Tesla could have a flywheel for better acceleration with smaller battery packs. ..HG..
The president of ECO Motors saw the Artemis hydraulic hybrid technology at Bosch several months ago but does not understand that it will eliminate the need for their proposed dual piston set single set turn off technology in most vehicles and improve the performance of existing automobiles by fuel reductions of as much as 50 percent with existing engines and more with smaller engines still with good performance and much superior performance in many ways. ..HG..
It should have a propane tank adapter for longer range. ..HG..
The demand for fuel bio-oils has destroyed many square miles of virgin forests and is making foods more expensive. Any bio-oils used to appease a countries demand for it should be produced within its own borders so that all its production costs fall upon that country mostly and can be controlled and verified by that country's authorities. ..HG..
The Artemis hydraulic hybrid technology is being introduced finally perhaps by Bosch. It can lower fuel consumption by as much as 50 percent and at least 25 percent. This eliminates at low cost and low complexity most need for fuel ethanol and high performance and long range electric and electric hybrid vehicles. ..HG..
Whilst Scuderi has promoted this idea for many years, Artemis has built a more efficient automobile and abandoned it to others so that Artemis can take good carbon trust monies to tilt at windmills. At the same time Bladon Jets and Capstone microturbines have been built into several automobiles. Cogeneration from Capstone and Bladon will save on carbon releases easier and cheaper than any other process. Home cogeneration should be done for reliability and to get the costs down to where there is an actual savings. Honda freewatt ECOWILL units are no longer advertized in the US. ..HG..