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Nooo I hope my son doesn't see this. I will no longer have an excuse to not learn.
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I can't believe y'all made me go back and watch the KTLA appearance again. I had to see what the heck you guys were talking about. Wil your teeth are fine. Of course in your business I can see where image can be everything especially in the light of HD t.v., just don't pull a Michael J. And you do NOT need to diet. Despite missing out on getting tickets to see you at Festival of Books we were able to get in to your panel by getting in the Stand-by line. You were such fun to listen to and you look just fine. We took our 16 year old son with us and I'm glad we did. Hopefully he learned a thing or two about how not to embarrass himself using fb or twitter. We love you most. he he
Toggle Commented Apr 27, 2009 on hey, look, that's me! at WWdN: In Exile
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Seriously, we tried to get tickets for your panel within the first 3 hours they came up and they were all gone! Sorry to hear that shirt.woot didn't follow through on their word. That really bugs me. Will check Twitter for your whereabouts this Saturday!
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