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Ummm, Clay Matthews as out FIRST pick? OLB as our biggest need? I think our biggest needs are in order are CB, WR, NT, OLB, backup right tackle, RB, DE., ILB Why? Let my ADHD brain break it down for yas.... If we start Will Allen and Jason Allen or Eric Green we are TOAST. The Bills/Patriots twice a year would EAT THEM ALIVE. SEAN SMITH is raw but he has the abilities to be a absolute STUD!! A 6'3 corner with sub 4.4 speed AND who can actually COVER!! (3 cone drill was impressive) I wouldn't mind grabbing either Ken Lucas or Chris McCallister on a one year deal to help with CB either. We need CB's so we will draft more than one anyways. Darrius Butler in the Second round would be nice! Jason Ferguson is in his last year and our other guys who will rotate in are ok. True 3-4 NT's don't come around every day so if the other BC guy is available, JUMP on him!! I don't think that OLB is that big of a concern.....Roth played well enough, will only get better in his second year at the position and I don't know if you guys have watched the highlights of Cameron Wake from the CFL, but he look like the TRUTH!! I know that it is the CFL but 39 sacks in two years is hard to deny!! 6'3, 240 and ALL FOOTBALL. Hell, he even looks like Porter!! Him, having been CUT from the NFL before makes him HUNGRY!! I think he will at LEAST get in on third down if not beat out ROTH!! I love our OL additions but they are all interior guys! A second day pick for depth is in order for our TACKLES. If Carey or long go down where screwed. OL should be a strength this year. We need a BIG wide receiver and there are a few this year. If Nicks falls or Britt is there, i wouldn't be mad if we took them. Although I think that just like with CB, we could address this with our second pick. Why RB? Ronnie Brown will be a free agent after next year and so will Ricky I believe......wouldn't mind throwing Ricky with a pick to trade up!! A good, low pads, power back would be nice.....JAVON RINGER maybe, GREENE from IOWA? Later rounds but should be addressed. DE has to be addressed earlier rather than later as well. SO. Who do I want with first 3 picks? I say SMITH, the other DT from BC, NICKS, BRITT or the WR from OHIO STATE, the CB from UCONN(the RB from UCONN is nice too!) I think WAKE is going to be a stud and I would love to get PAT WHITE!! LAte rounds....why not? Lets really run the wildcat!! He is PERFECT!!!
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