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I didn't want to work today anyway :)
"I don't want the USA to go into this World Cup worrying about who they have to play. Whether it's Brazil or New Zealand, they should step on the field knowing they can win and want to win at any cost. Without this mentality there will be no growth from the 3 and out performances of our past. Come on US." --------------------- Exactly!
The U.S. can beat any team on any given day. Seriously. It's which teams show up that count. I'm not worried.
Can't wait for this! Headed to Sette in Dupont Circle to watch the draw. Do the pot seedings come out tomorrow? I'd like to see the US draw either England or Italy.
Charlie Davies
I like this article and the discussion it spawned.
@Rory: its funny cause its true!!!!!!!!! SSFC? whats that stand for? Seattle Sports Fail Club?
What do you mean you don't think I should show up at RFK on Wednesday to boost attendance numbers?
I hope MLS/USSF goes all high school at the end of the season and hands SSFC a Perfect Attendance award. Seems like thats the only thing they'll get this year. Vamos United. Eat it Starbucks FC.
Honestly, who cares about the crowd count? SSFC can boast attendance figures all they want to hide their inadequacies on the field. All that matters is which team takes home the trophy. Eat it Sounders.
DCU. No question.
A North-going Zax and a South-going Zax meet face to face in the Prairie of Prax. /not mine. credit Theodor Seuss Geisel is cool. This is the first time I created a team here. Anyone have a league/pool I can join?
What number is he? I am trying to order my jersey NOW and can't find a number listing anywhere.
They were handing out flyers Saturday but it's a hard place to get to from DC on a weeknight and impossible if you don't have a car available. DC HAS to build their new stadium near a metro stop. Posted by: John | July 22, 2009 at 12:11 PM _____________________ Seconded. To do otherwise is just plain stupid.
Saw that link was broken. The link goes to this story.,19528,11681_5441496,00.html
Anyone else see this? Montero to Fulham? From fulham_updates on Twitter: Schmid open to Montero exit
Would you expect anything less from a Simon Cowell production?
Quite possibly the best passive-aggressive note EVER "By mid-July, Donovan felt he needed to say something to Beckham about it, but it was a sign of their increasingly distant relationship that he did so by text message. I know you're frustrated and I know you're trying, Donovan wrote, but we need you farther up the field where you're more dangerous. You're the best player out there and you need the ball, but it doesn't help us achieve anything if you're doing other people's jobs."
I THINK I JUST CAME IN MY PANTS!!!! Posted by: GLS | June 24, 2009 at 04:02 PM ----------------------------------------- For the win!
My nerves are shot watching this stupid ESPN Gamecast. Damn bandwith limits at work!
Balls to the wall, boys. Balls to the wall!
Too bad Tim Ward isn't on this list. Ward for Hurtado. Gino Padula for Namoff.