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< may only have 1 kid...oh well> LOL .. maybe heat vision issues made for impotence (except for that 1 ) Which of course, was a medical accident. bleah ! jaymori3365
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There's a backlash going on right now in the blogosphere where any mention of poor officiating draws the ire of other bloggers. So I'm apparently not allowed to say something like "it looks like sometimes refs are looking for a reason to blow the whistle on Kendrick Perkins"... or anything at all about poor officiating. Even though sometimes I can't understand why the whistles are so quick on Perk in a game where they're letting the other 9 guys play. > ( Hi, I am a new poster, from , where I am mustyCeltic joe . I say irregardless. Here's what I posted just yesterday in here. If I feel I notice a "trend toward something" , I am going to pursue it , after all its free speech and NO names were listed. So, below is what I posted : """" About Perkins, I (we) have been watching him play 5-6 years, now. And in earliest years he obviously had lots to learn, but, over the haul he has learned lots of things. OK for that. But it seems the referees are not convinced, to the extent they still have him "a foul waiting to be committed" . Thus, as I remarked to my wife watching with me, the idea hits me that the zebras are constantly trying to "discover" another Perkins foul. Admitted, Perk is a rough player, but it ain't "croquet" out there, they are playing-especially in the playoffs. """" jaymori3365
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