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I think maybe the point would have been made better if we'd replaced the "I don't" statements with "I do's" or "I play" statements, and replace the 'it's A, not B' type statements with something informative that doesn't try to make it seem like knowing the difference is what makes a geek. I'm not going to say who is, or is not a geek just because of the image I might have of them from the media, but simply focusing on the wide range of things that are considered 'geeky' and the unexpected people who do them would have gone further to embrace geekdom. Of course, I've just gone back and watched it again, an noticed the statement in the video description that they are 'satirizing the Web 2.0 / social networking, gadget lovin' phenomenon that is now sweeping the globe'. So maybe I'm just missing the point.
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