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We NEED Klinsmann, he would undoubtedly play a more attacking style. I would love to see a 3-2-4-1. Klinsmann would do that. Bradley should really be coaching in the MLS, no disrespect but he is better suited to be a coach in the MLS. My (and Klinmann's) lineup would look as follows: -----------------Altidore------------------ ----------------------------------------- Donovan-------Adu-------Bradley----Dempsey ----------------------------------------- ----------Torres------------Edu----------- ----------------------------------------- ----Bocanegra------Oneywu------Spector----- ----------------------------------------- ------------------Howard----------------- This would be my lineup for many reasons. 1) I really can not see Ching playing at Forward against top competition. 2) I really can not see Beasley starting at Left Back against top competition. 3) Boca can play both LB and CB, though he plays LB he doesn't play LWB he simply isnt fast enough, so instead of having him play LB I would like to see him playing LCB where he can combine both skill sets. 4)Spector can play both RB and CB, so playing RCB is ideal for him. 5)The tandem of Boca and Gooch would stay intact in this formation. 6)Both Torres and Edu can cover for whenever Spector or Boca push forward. I would love to hear some feedback about my ideas.