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Rural Prince Edward Island
Interests: Yes I have some.
Recent Activity took someone *that* long to figure Wes was a Timelord. 1. Patiently correcting people around him who are very very smart to start with. 2. Very excited and up with everything he does, for whomever he does it! 3. Sonic Screwdriver! 4. Leaving the series with a "Time Traveler" (ahem Time Lord to the rest of us Illuminati) to learn more about himself (ie his Time Lordliness). Oh yeah baby, the evidence has been before our very eyes, nigh, all these many years.... Fnord!
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Okay, I love how you can pull off such a dramatic change and still look like yourself. You are talented, imaginative, thoughful and thought-provoking. But man, this pic is just creepy. Keep up the good work (of not fitting into a mold that someone else like me might want to stuff you into). Daleus
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Wil, Very cool that you got to talk to David Gerrold. He has recently been an inspiration to me, via his story turned movie, Martian Child. I agree with other posters that the Character of Wesley was mishandled. I also felt they were some of the best episodes too. To be frank, nothing like a kid (of any age) to get you in touch with the human side of life. That's how I always viewed Wesley. As a voice in the show, from a part of the galaxy that is typically under-represented in the genre. I haven't read or even looked for any of your books, having only recently been reading your blog. I am really enjoying the blog, I am pleased beyond all accounts that you are doing so well, and will look forward to reminescing over the "yearbook" with you! Cheers - Daleus
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2009 on talk about your dream of horses at WWdN: In Exile
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