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@Retired Foreign Service You are not alone, some of us know, even if most of us do not want to know. History shows that it's not "the masses" that make changes, it's a small group of determined people. It's going to take time, but we will get our country back.
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2010 on "Retired Foreign Service" at Atlas Shrugs
That is definitely good news! In any case, I fail to see what's CAIR's problem: if they are so positive no one wishing to leave islam is ever threatened, they must be equally confident that NO ONE will ever react to SIOA ad and call the number on our ad.
I have sent emails of protests to Miami Dade transit, the Governor of Florida and other government members this morning, and my contribution to Jihad Watch this afternoon. If we don't react VERY strongly against this invasion of our country by the islamofacists, we are finished, like they are finished in Europe. This totalitarian ideology already holds the media, the justice system, the education system and the so-called "artistic spheres". It's only a matter of time before they knock at your door to deport you to a non-muslim ghetto. You don't believe it, you laugh? Well, others didn't believe, others laughed too a few decades earlier - but not for long.
There is his lying and cheating to get elected, his stealing our money and squandering it, sinking our economy, violating our Constitution and the will of the people in his attempt to socialize our country and more - and this is plenty already. But I will NEVER forgive the many humiliations Mr. Obama has inflicted to America with his gross disregard for common courtesies toward his fellow men in general & our allies in particular, and his sickening baseness toward our enemies. My blood boils to think that people abroad may think that we Americans have any part in this despicable display of his personal vulgarity.
That goes together with « the 57 States », « my muslim faith » the “the Austrian language » and other blunders.
Well said, slice. Just one comment: a recent poll showed that about 70% of Americans are currently strongly pro-Israel, reflecting a sharp increase over last year's poll. I am not worried by the "new" trends among black and latino Americans, but I am worried about American Jews who can't open their eyes to reality and let go of the Democrat Party. In my community, about 75% of them are rabid leftists and their ignorance of the situation in Israel is staggering. I have little doubt that they would lament the destruction of Israel less than Obama's failure. And they would blame both on President Bush, of course. I also believe that Israel will do what is needed and win, and I will do whatever I can to help.
Now at last it dawns on the pro-homosexual leftists that their islamic allies are hell bent on killing homosexuals and that they have been had. I was wondering when they would discover that 14 century-old fact, evidenced these past months by so many videos and pictures of hanging and torturing of the unfortunate victims. Maybe they are going to realize also that Mr. Obama couldn't possibly advance their "case" without offending his Middle East muslim friends, which makes his pre-election promises totally worthless.
A Cabaretic It may come as a surprise to you, but oppression and cruelty, these two facets of islam, are, indeed hateful to us Americans. If you haven’t realized yet that muslims have declared war on us with the objective of imposing these, and many more, hateful practices all over the Western world, wake up.
@ Kenny Solomon You won't have to give up your rights, they will take them away from you, one by one. When I was in Europe, I used to dream about America. I fulfilled my dream and became an American. Only now, I am back to square one and there is nowhere else to go. This is the last stand, there is no alternative but fight. Thank God we are not alone.
@ Jim Hiegel There is an "impeachment" action waiting for more supporters to be taken seriously. Which will happen the moment the first member of the conspiracy starts to open his/her mouth after realizing that they have bet on the wrong horse.
This is not a new story. The funding of Obama's campaign by a lot of Gaza residents was known even before the election. I saw a partial listing of donors showing, inter alia, a couple of Arab "brothers" from Gaza having contributed several thousand dollars in multiple instalments. Asked about it by the site that published the story, they said the money was for the purchase of T-shirts wearing pro-Obama slogans that they were planning to sell in Gaza. They were unable to offer any proof of purchase about it, and the "merchandise" never materialized either. I remember that when Obama's election team was asked about these fraudulent entries, they dismissed it as typos (GA entered to seem as Georgia whereas it meant the Gaza strip). After that, I never heart anything about it.
Don't worry, KrazyKafir, the mayor was only doing lip service. The French are tolerating much more, and have been for years. Although many are aware of what is going on and what is at stake, they are paralyzed and don't know what to do: they have no real leaders, no one to respect, no one to represent them, no one to act on their behalf, no one to vote for. The desert.
I can't believe the media/dems/White House were stupid enough to make fun of Scott Brown driving a truck! They haven't understood anything and they are playing in the hands of us patriots, who are neither wealthy "reds", nor too weak to make a living without the government's help.
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Frankly, I liked the one with your picture much better, this one is a little too showy for my taste.
@ Brendan McWade Just a reminder: there is no such thing as a "palestinian" people and Israel is not occupying any territory, Israel is home from Dan to Beersheva and from the Mediterranean sea to the Jordan. UN Resolution 242 said that Gaza and Judea-Samaria captured by Israel from Egypt and Jordan (surprise, surprise, no "palestinian" entity mentioned here) could be subject to negotiations provided Israel's neighbors recognize her right to exist AND live in peace with her. We are still waiting... As to your insults to Pamela, what else to expect from an ignorant leftist (ignorant by choice, of course).
MAC Could you PLEASE take a class in spelling before you post a comment? It's painful to try to read you.
The Israelis are home in Israel, they are home in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem is their capital city. It is not enough that they have lost some 70% of their country to Jordan, now they are supposedly not allowed to do what they want on their own turf? What's next, M. Obama dictating me what I can and what I can't cook in my own kitchen? This brings to my mind M. Menachem Begin's words to a US Senator: "Don't threaten us with cutting off your aid. It will not work. I am not a Jew with trembling knees. I am a proud Jew with 3,700 years of civilized history. Nobody came to our aid when we were dying in the gas chambers and ovens. Nobody came to our aid when we were striving to create our country. We paid for it. We fought for it. We died for it. We will stand by our principles. We will defend them. And, when necessary, we will die for them again with or without your aid." Am Israel chai!
Toggle Commented Dec 11, 2009 on Jews Refuse to Get on Obama's Trains at Atlas Shrugs
I gasped when I saw that picture. How on earth does he manage to look like a bat? And how come some of these rats (e.g. Arafat, Reid, etc.) seem to have their faces reflect their souls? Eerie!
@Florence David Haven't you realized yet that the time for discussion about "moderate" vs. "radical" muslims is passed? They themselves affirm that there is no such thing as a moderate muslim, why would you, and Rabbi Weiss, refuse to believe them and still hang on to that fallacy of a "moderate islam"? In the western countries that they have invaded, have you ever heard your "moderate muslims" protest the atrocities committed by the other members of that totalitarian ideology, have you ever seen them march against the tyranny of the mullahs? Each time they have been invited to take a stand against their "radical" brothers, they have declined. In turn, the same "moderate muslims" are not shy when it comes to marching in the streets of London, Brussels or Oslo with signs that say "Freedom go to hell", "Be prepared for the real holocaust", "Kill Jews for peace", "Behead the non believers" or such other garbage. Whether or not he has realized it, Rabbi Weiss' has harmed us all by perpetuating the myth of a not-so-evil islam and I don't understand why he, and people like him, forget that islam HAS, indeed, declared war on us westerners, not the other way around. What will it take for you to stop arguing about the evidence? A new law ordering you to convert or be beheaded, or a group of "moderate muslims" breaking your front door and gunning down your family? Think it will not happen? Then think again and please stop arguing about this or that word used by Pamela to condemn the Rabbi's harmful remark, it's a bore and a waste of time.
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2009 on Protest Gadhafi's Englewood Tent at Atlas Shrugs
David took the words right out of my mouth! What part of "WE DON'T WANT ANY OF YOUR SOCIALISM" is it that these elected guys don't understand?
Pamela, I mailed and e-mailed to various people, both in Ohio and Florida, including the Governor Crist of Florida, his wife and Lt-Governor. Below, FYI, is the reply I just got from the Governor's office: Quote Thank you for contacting Governor Charlie Crist and sharing your concerns about Ms. Fathima (Rifqa) Bary. The Governor asked that I respond on his behalf. Governor Crist is committed to protecting Ms. Bary's health, safety and welfare. Governor Crist directed the Secretary of the Department of Children and Families, George Sheldon, to petition the court for placement in shelter and custody under the Florida Department of Children and Family Services (Department). As a result, the court placed Ms. Bary in protective custody and she has been placed in a licensed foster care home under the supervision of the Department. The Secretary of the Department of Children and Family Services and the Governor's General Counsel will be at today's court hearing. Please be assured Governor Crist will make a decision that is in the best interests of and ensures the continued health, safety and welfare of Ms. Rifqa Bary. Thank you again for taking the time to contact Governor Crist. Sincerely, Warren Davis Office of Citizen Services Unquote I am keeping my fingers crossed.
I don't care if they drop ALL the provisions of that darn project, we just want the government to leave us alone. Why don't they try to do what they are supposed to do, like protecting our borders, instead of meddling in our individual lives. They can take their damn socialism together with their damn sharia and shove them where the sun doesn't shine.
To: Bella87 Your post confirms, if anyone still doubted it, how far, far away you muslims are from the rest of us judeo-christians. We believe that parents have a DUTY toward their children, to love them, to protect them and to guide them, but ultimately to respect the choices they make as unique individuals, whether or not they are pleasing to the parents. The child’s welfare and happiness always comes first. While some children may be difficult to raise, there is no excuse for their mistreatment, and no worst crime than (horror!) infanticide, for which there is no hope for forgiveness, ever. You, on the other hand, believe that you only have RIGHTS over your children, you treat them as your property and you deny them any attempt at individuality. You brutalize them because they are weaker, because you believe that the stronger is entitled to abuse the weaker. We totally oppose these views. We place our honor in the protection of the weaker by the stronger. You place yours between the legs of your women. If you want to live by these principles, do it on your turf and don’t pollute our land with your atrocities.
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@ Moonbeam If I may make a suggestion, go to: and be there on September 12. I will fly from California, I don't think we can afford NOT to go.
We have to ask ourselves, why does AARP try so hard to push the Obamacare down our throats? If, as they claim, they respect us as responsible adults able to make up our own minds and if our welfare is all they care about, why can't they accept our decision to reject the whole concept of socialist healthcare and drop the matter? Obviously, they must have promised Mr. Obama's clique that they would bring them their members' compliance on a platter - and now they can't deliver. They are following their agenda, and we are following our own which is, as one of the participants in the above video said, to GET THE GOVERNMENT OUR OF OUR HAIR!