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Interests: Anything that doesn't involve coloring books and power rangers..... I'm a geek at heart. Love computers, writing, gaming and reading.
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Wil, as an Army wife I have to tell you that this pic was wonderful and states exactly what today is all about. Thank you.
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Sadly, you aren't the only one. I turn 36 this year and my daughter turns 18 in a few months. She loves Red Dwarf, but can't quite bring herself to "Grak" Star Trek in any of its various forms, though she WILL sit through Voyager occasionally. Whenever I sit down to a bit of nostalgia she has away of making me feel uber ancient."OMG, mom, is this the best they could do with FX?" "Gee, Honey, that didn't make me feel old at ALL. Thanks" I still feel 15-18, until those moments occur. Thank God, I still have a 9yr old and 3yr old to bring to the darkside.
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Hope you feel better soon. Sorry you and your wife missed out on the premiere. Make sure you stay hydrated, maybe you will drown the angry badger. ;)
Toggle Commented May 2, 2009 on To everyone at Penguicon: at WWdN: In Exile
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I haven't played D&D since High School. Kinda sad really. We move around quite a bit and finding a group of people that *get* D&D and how totally amazing and stimulating it is mentally is very difficult. Though I will be checking that download out. Thanks for the update on it. I did read the blog about you DMing for your son and his friends, and to me that makes you a FANTASTIC Dad. We need more Dads like that for our boys and girls. Thanks for being that kind of parent.
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