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Dear Red Bulls, You have to be the most unprofessional organization in MLS history. With the Stadium opening up next year I do hope as a fan and ticket holder that you remove the entire team and start over. It is unbeliveable that you have the 20 super league champions introduced at halftime by some bimbo that doesn't even have shoes on. Futhermore the love affair with Latin has-beens needs to be over - this includes Clendes, Angel, JCO, Pathenco....and Rojas. We need players...had working players..not pasture players that want to graze.. The organization can't even get the barriers lined up in a straight line....Hopefully they will have cheerleaders at the new stadium so atleast they can attract fans....but what am I thinking...they will screw that up too.... Horrible....start the U-20 team...they have more heart. Game over
Juan Pablo Angel is a has-been. I am a huge Red Bulls fan but the honest truth is that you can't win games when your captain "throws his hands up in the air" at every service. Honestly, he is not captain material and should have never been given that spot. We can not continue with him in the striker position. We need someone who is young and hungry...not someone who is a pre-madonna and old. Thanks for all of the goals Juan...but the party is over.
JCO should be fired. Angel should be benched.
It is great to see JCO finally sit Angel. After his last few perfomaces we (as fans) deserve to see a player who is out there on the field hustling and not being a pre-madonna always waving his hands and standing in an off sides position. Cheers to Woly! He should be playing a larger role for the team. Although he is not a flashy pre-madonna type like Angel, he get's (stuff) done and is a producer. That is what we the fans want...It is ashame that this column writer does not mention Wolly's contribution. JCO if you are reading this.... kick Angel in the ass and tell him to knock that (crap) off...Hustle is the name of the game and he has shown nothing this season.