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Wil, 4e takes a lot of flak, but I think it has streamlined a lot of things. The campaign I am playing in is a sandbox campaign that is reflects on colonization. We come to the new world and have to make a name for ourselves. My group records their sessions and posts them on "Role-playing Public Radio." Here is the link: One session, as the recorder started, I said, "Tonight, I would like to dedicate my performance to Wil Wheaton." Our DM said, "The Star Trek guy?" I replied, "Yes." Everyone kind of chuckled and the DM said, "Why?" "I'm listening to his book 'Just a Geek' on CD and he is awesome." Your posts on 4e has proven me right (that, and you are Ted Kord which is the coolest thing ever). Give some of the actual plays a listen. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. -Ender
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