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By trying to serve 2 masters (mouse and touch), Windows 8 creates an UI abomination. Try changing the keyboard layout from Metro? You're sent to the Desktop. Try watching a video from the desktop? You're sent to Metro where the video will take 100% screen real estate and pause whenever you need to do something else. The Weather app is everything that is wrong on Windows 8. The mouse navigation is awful (at least on my computer) and beside the tile, this application has no meaningful purpose compared to the old desktop widget. When I first met Win8, I was quite excited. After 2 betas, I went back on Windows 7 (that's too bad, there are some very nice desktop improvements, and metro as a program launcher is much better than the Start Menu). I don't want to give developers the idea that I will support the Windows 8 ecosystem (on a non-touch device) with my money.
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2012 on Betting the Company on Windows 8 at Coding Horror
Pfew, fait chaud en fait ce matin...
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