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Ives, Jones has a red card suspension he has to serve in the next bundesliga match. The "full plate" idea for Jones need not apply.
Ives, try to use your connections/voice to recommend a slight tweak to the proposed changes. The idea of getting mid-level nations more games is fine and good. However, they could do this and still keep the Hex. Its simple. Once the format gets down to four groups of four, the four group winners go to the Hex and the four runners-up play a home and home playoff against another nation to determine the final two spots. This way Mex/USA should both be able to play each other AND mid-level nations get more competitive games. Push for it Ives!
! I would've called for Gulati's head if he hadn't rehired Bradley. He clearly has moved this football team/program to a level unknown previously. Unfortunately, there are too many new fans (see most of the posts above) who did not know what soccer was before this summer, and like the typical American fan, expect American dominance and immediate gratification. Bradley's first four year tenure was a successful grind, he played the game the way it is supposed to be played. Luckily for him, he knows how to deal with the dip shits back here at home. As for a (good) foreign coach, I couldn't imagine why any of them would want to have this job. The American sports media and its fans are overly fickle. For those who disagree, go watch baseball and basketball and celebrate your "world champions" as they like to crown themselves. Welcome back Coach Bradley.
Denmark: Benny Feilhaber??? le olvidas?
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2010 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
Altidore is set to move to Besiktas, so he'll be flying east to get acclimated with his new club. Good selection all in all.
Excluding Davies and Jones.... Brian Ching, Gabe Ferrari.
Great performance from North Korea. Well organized, disciplined, and heart. Jong Tae-Se is quality. Only 2 minutes of stoppage is severely suspect. With four substitutions in the second half, that alone usually equals 2 minutes. Plus there was three goals in the second half, with two not so short celebrations by the Brazilians. Should have been 4 minutes, and surely, no less than 3.
Right on with the White Eagles up top, they are going to do major damage this tournament and I hope the USA don't draw them in the second round. Ghana will be fourth with a good battle between Australia and Germany for second.
Ives-- congrats on the move to the real leader in football coverage in the states (FS). Let us hope that your premise is correct and Donovan is not kicking himself in the ass for resigning with Galaxy. He is clearly premier league quality, and has fit in beautifully with Everton. MLS and the Galaxy better not try to play hardball with Donovan's inevitable transfer to Europe (hopefully permanently to Everton), as it will reflect poorly on them and turn away both quality players and fans. As for Europa league Ives, it is still a definite possibility to climb the table and get a Europa place. That makes it all the more important for Moyes to extend Donovan's loan for the entire season. Plus, in most seasons 6th and sometimes 7th place qualify for Europa league as a result of Champions league teams winning the Carling and FA cups. Instead of playing his MLS good-bye tour before the World Cup, he should play it after the WC while Everton are off until August. Then make his move permanent.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2010 on My Fox Soccer debut at Soccer By Ives
Holden moving to the premier league in undoubtedly the best (second to Donovan's of course!). He earned his way onto Bolton after a two week trial despite holding a groin injury. Premier league pace in games or practice are top quality. As for Donovan, his loan has worked for all parties involved. May all USA and Everton fans hope that Everton come up with the money to buy Donovan outright!
This is the best of both worlds for me (Everton and USA international fan)! This is exactly what Donovan needs; (at least) a loan deal for him to keep his fitness up during the winter as well as a rise in the level of play that he participates in. These things are crucial for him to enter the World Cup in top form. However, I think that once he fits in and gets going with Everton, March will come too soon. I hope the MLS and the Galaxy are not stupid about things and demand he return home in March. Landon needs to stay the whole season and win the Europa League and the FA Cup with Everton. As for Everton, this is a tight knit club from top to bottom. Not only will he get playing time from Moyes, but he will be welcomed by his fellow players. The Goodison faithful are going to love him. As for this 'rumor' about Saha being sold, that sure as hell better not happen. He is too good and Moyes/Elstone are not dumb.
Best possible line up. This gives US the best four defenders on the field, in positions they're all good at. Feilhaber compliments Bradley almost perfectly in the midfield. And at forward, Ching and Altidore is the only possible switch. Right on Ives.
I now know for sure what our back four should look like: bocanegra onyewu demerit spector Jay Demerit did well today, good enough to start in the middle. Bocanegra is obviously better than any left back we have on the team. Bornstein wasn't terrible, but he was over matched and needs to be replaced. Davies deserves more time, and Clark is finished in my book. Besides not being able to go forward, his challenge was late, reckless, and a red card was not out of the question. I didn't like the call, but he didn't leave the ref much choice. Up top, we miss Ching. If not for the red card, we win this match. Rossi would not have had that kind of room on the first goal, and our guys would not be as tired. USA outplayed Italy even when down a man. Coach (General) Bradley prepared the team well.
Matthew Male- 23 Mission Viejo, CA USA, Everton, Rangers FC, Borussia Monchengladbach, Seattle FC August 2008