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I am unfamiliar with the details of these positions: Are visiting positions for one year, generally? Or are there any that would allow for two years (i.e., similar to some of the VAP/fellowships out there)?
Toggle Commented Nov 3, 2009 on Hiring and Visiting at The Faculty Lounge
The common wisdom is that trusts and estates is a low prestige subject. And while I don't know the answer to this question, do law schools feel a burning need to hire trusts and estates profs in the same way that they feel the need to hire for the high prestige subjects? I get the sense that law schools' hiring priorities are for the high prestige subjects and that the hiring needs for the low prestige subjects are subordinated. That is, law schools will often make do with existing faculty and thus press someone into service to teach one of these so-called low prestige subjects--even if they are learning it themselves as they go along. Is that right? If so, then why are law schools pushing women into teaching these subjects in disproportionate numbers?