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RE: the LA show. Grrr. No fair complaining about us not showing up when you end up having the show the only week in March I'll be out of town. Reading the tweet about it yesterday was a super fast roller coaster of emotions; first excited as hell because of the LA show announcement, then super grumpy sad when I saw the date.
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Dang! You have NO IDEA how I wish your guesting epi was being run through *next week* and not this week. I'll be at the taping on Oct 6, which means of course it's the epi being filmed after yours. Dang!!
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Argh! You were there last night, too??? Dang, I wish I'd looked around a bit more to see who showed up. I know some VEEPs were in the front row with us, but I sure didn't see you amongst them. It was a fun flick, for sure. I am not 100% sold on, um, that bit that breaks canon when those two... well, you know. ANyway, aside from that WTF plot inclusion, I was really impressed overall. (Just would've been more fun had I known you were there, too.)
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