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would have liked ching on the roster .. relieved to not see klesjtan .. happy for herc
Toggle Commented May 26, 2010 on USA World Cup Team Announced at Soccer By Ives
does pearce 'play' in the 2nd division; is he even dressing for half his games these days? beasley no heart out there, very sad i dont think torres is the answer against al teams; but any team that bunkers against us is perfect for him bob bradley and tom rongen are bad for u.s. soccer
guzan - shaky hejduk - what else; crap skill, amazing heart; true champion boca - decent califf - frustrating distribution pearce - what division in germany does he not get time in? dempsey - decent sacha - solid potential; terrible game beasley - his desire for the team should be questioned; looked like he's taking wearing the jersey for granted; reason why he hasnt played for a club in years; should be benched on principal for several games donovan - how do we need to change things up to make him more effective; can we? ching - heart gold; skill lacking bradley - detriment to the team; his non-playing of torres was criminal; with him and rongen at our helm u.s. potential seems capped torres - should have seen more of him altidore - should have seen more of him edu -- glad to see him out there
what a shock that beasley doesnt play for rangers
keep fakin hammy injuries salvdor LETS GO BOYYYYSS
and whats bob's excuse for waiting till the 60th minute to making a formation switch?
glad to see bradley worked his wonders at halftime
what a nightmare
new drinking game: if you don't have any confidence in bradley to make effective in-game adjustments then drink a bottle of vodka
we dont need 4 defenders in right now ... if bradley doesnt adjust it'll be sad
sub in torres!!!!!!
why is wicks anywhere near an mls roster still? he is a laughingly terrible ... and its not as if there is any hope of him developing into a player .. sad indictment of state of us goalkeepers