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I understand all of what I have read....but...I tend to live by the "Packratter's Creed" (You never know....) I have only been knitting for 15 months but I have accumulated a huge amount of yarn for my stash. I also have completed ~ 40 hats, ~10 pr. socks, ~10 scarves, 6 purses....I find I am unable to sanely drive past a yarn shop. I live in a very rural area, so I must drive 1-2 hrs. to find a one... One way that I have found to purge some of my yarn is to give it away (with needles) while someone else learns to knit....I have found that my enthusiasm can be a motivator to others.... As far as chothes, etc. goes, I have been on a diet and have lost ~35#--when I reach my goal, I will donate those clothes to a thrift store (I love them also). I tend to agree, the clothes and yarns are just 'stuff'...I love to share!!
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