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Saint Louis, MO
Scientia non habet inimicum nisp ignorantem
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My group just got to paragon tier and I have been playing a dwarven paladin throughout. I'm finding it such an excellent character to play with, and the balancing of powers and feats gave me a guy with excellent lay on hands abilities, good initiative and some wicked damage (4d10 for Martyr's Retribution!). I too did not have time for D&D day but I am making time for the Sept 19th DMG2 release day. My local comic store is only 10 minutes away from the house so I really have no excuse.
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I would say the telltale question I use to fish out the geeks from the non-geeks is that when referring to a wedding band I call it a +5 Ring of Fellatio Resistance (a cursed magic item if you're a male). If that person chuckles, then I consider them aware enough to call them somewhat geeky. It then descends into all manner of Star Trek and D&D references. A group of my D&D gaming buddies work very hard to remain closeted in their workplace. Apparently it's not good for them to be 'out' in that environment. Maybe not, but then they're not Israeli soldiers, they're journalists. Go figure.
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