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Why does this keep happening? Is Child Protective Services blind to the obvious or are they just chronically underfunded? Perhaps both?
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This is another example of lawlessness by mobs that should be dealt with in the harshest of fashions. I would have seen no problem if the LAPD had dispersed unruly crowds with water cannons and rubber bullets. As for the looters, doesn't the military usually shoot them in other circumstances? Why can't the LAPD? It may seem extreme to most people and I agree. But I also don't think lawlessness, thievery, and destruction of property by a mob should trump everyone else's rights.
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Sadly, the greater value in this landmark was in the exterior facade that lined the perimiter of the lot. It was demolished years ago and the whole site hasn't been the same since. I agree with others that the neighborhood doesn't need another chain store as it does nothing to enhance the neighborhood.
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