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Aw yes, the orange drink of optimism without reason is flowing free. Welcome to groundhog day 2012 or 1991? Just give MFB a chance. I had so much satisfaction this past playoff game which I predicted to be a loss 38 to 10 as there were no statistics available to give the bengals a tiny chance to win and I was right well, almost 31 to 10. Anyway, after all the BS the present bengals fans spewed all season even though they couldnt beat a team with a winning record it was fantastic to see them unable to speak, so deflated. It helps make up for all past seasons of giving my money to MFB. New York Football Giants Forever, MFB Never
People still do not get it, wins and loses mean nothing to MFB other than a few more wins equal a few more seats sold and few less people complaining. I am more surprised it's not a 5 to 7 year extension because whether anyone likes it or not LOYALTY is MFB's motivation and WINNING factor. LOYALTY trumps wins and championships. You can ignore any statistics relating to on field activity just liks everyone did last year as the celebrated the new bengals and how good they are and we are so happy for the future as the completed a season of beating/surprising a few teams but as usual losing to the best teams who know how to prepare. Katie and MFB were happy with the easy schedule as on of there hopes for a godd 2011 Hurray!! Now wait until 2012 and 5 wins because they play a tough schedule. I feel good for the lemmings of bengaldom, go 2012. I have to say I love always being right and watching the lemmings complain all the time. Can't wait for 2012!!!!
Excuse me for the words "begin to contribute" instead of "actually get on the field during a game" Either way the opinion stated was not of a fan stating happiness of a certain players ability to contribute, it was stated as a few teams have the luxury to take such chances on players and the ones that can usually do not. They pick what is needed not what they hope for over X amount of years. Smiley face....
Every year in the draft they are chasing positions to fill. They have no plan other than manage the salary cap to allow to allow for maximum profit with the least amount of work. They bengals have shown many times to reach for players and or their position while passing on capable available players to fill or back up positions needed right now. Jerome Simpson is a great example. It takes a player like him so long to begin to contribute and this is a luxury that only a few teams who know what they are doing can tolerate and those teams usually do not draft what if's over what we need. Every player that comes here wants to be positive but they soon realize that it is what it is. You can show up and collect a check whether you win or lose, mostly lose but, you just have to say you want to win and are working hard to do so, and all is good. Anyway, enough of the gloom and doom, is everyone excited about the possible players to get into the bengals VIRTUAL hall of fame? Got to love their ability to do things so bad while believing it is so right. Boomer and his comments against MFB forever! MFB NEVER!
This is the first who dey perspective that actually mentioned something taking place on the field, a super bowl win. All others have been Jack Brennan selling the fans as to why everything that ownership financially has done off the field is good for them and the city. It's funny, I have met five bengal employees over the last 6 years and they all say the hate MFB but like working in the NFL so they stay.
Brian Kelly knows and probably understands risk management to get to the position he is at and as other coaches including Tressel that same day made arrangements to practice inside during the inclement weather Kelly decided different, lets go outside and push the players/elements. A Kid dies while on an apparatus he has no reason being on that day and the coach is consider to be not involved it the days tragedy. Then again from the catholic church and or notre dames investigations and conclusions who could expect anything but "shit hapeens and quit reporting it" Tressel, a liar, a thief, and a cheat. Many years high and mighty now showing to be many years hypocritical. Ohio State and the Bungals can hang on to sloopy and die!!!!!!!!
With or without Carson they will win no more than 4 games this coming year.
Bungels should have taken Patrick Peterson. Same old bungels, same old owner, same old 4 and 12. Who Fuck'n dey...............
Just watching NFL network. Marshall Faulk, Barry Sanders, Shannon Sharpe all discussing their draft experience. Marshall makes the comment that being drafted number three was a relief but then the pressure sets in that you have to deliver. After that remark Rich Eisen comments that Marshall had told the team with the pick before him not to pick him because he did not want to become a Cincinnati Bengal and that decision showed how tough he was and had to lead to becoming who he is now, a hall of famer.
I do believe the comments posted in the "message" to Palmer were posted by the Bengals new Aquatic Engineer and/or any Lippincott family member.
Palmer is making the best decision in his football career to not remain a part of this dysfunctional ownership family who inherited a business that cannot fail.
Out of pure "speculation" and/or "gossip" MFB is a drunk. MFB is a foolish leader of a business he inherited. He believes he has the ability to protect a business from failing due to the fact it is involved in a monopoly scenario ie. 1 0f 32 in the world. MFB is committed to the protection of his fathers legacy and his self imposed perception of PB's inappropriate departure from the cleveland browns. One day even the most foolish of bengal fans will realize that they have been duped by MFB and that any given game/Sunday or year only pertains to about 6 teams in the NFL that have legitimate opportunity for success and/or reabhing the super bowl.
It's a great day to be a bengals stadium lease fan!
I would suspect that the old geezer retired thus leaving MFB no choice but to replace him. Gee, I hope the 1 scout or his 3 part time consultants who when their ages are added equal to around 300 years old retire cause their expertise cannot be matched by anyone who attempts it.
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Well, MFB has the same player scouting book as all the other NFL teams plus, the use of phones (land line and cellular). During the press conference for Marvin the Great, he stated that nowadays if you need to discuss a player you can reach someone by phone almost anytime you want. Tech Savvy he is. Has Vegas released the odds on what NFL coaching staffs will be on the sidelines for the senior bowl 2012?
I am sure Jay brings a lot to the table. I am sure he is motivated and ready to get started to try and change the bengals offense for the better. What will be interesting is that he has been the guy in charge of all football decisions made for the last few years of football he has participated in. Now, they say he is the same person as his brother with football knowledge but he does not have Jon's brashness, Jon's outspoken nature. He is coming into a situation where he is given the same tenured coaching staff, the same ownership, and a blank playbook to do what he wants. I am sure the playbook will keep him busy for a while but what happens when the drafts come and go or in the personnel meetings when you need to adhere to a plan and MFB trumps the process with mind numbing suggestions and or player placement regardless of Jsy's wants or needs to succeed. I wish him the best but given the team he has now joined success could be the next job he takes after proving here he does have what it takes to coach in the NFL.
The writing was on the wall and none of us realized it until now. We have seen this movie before. The young up and coming all the talent in the world guy Mitch Mcdeere/Jay Gruden gets recruited to join the firm/team. He could go to one of the larger more successful firms/teams but he is recruited heavily and compensated well to come to Memphis/Cincinnati and get his start. Bendini, Lambert & Locke/Bengals both reside in a small market city. It soon unfolds that anyone who tries to change things or leave at the firm/stadium is murdered/bengalized. He now realizes his life as he knows it is over. He then finds out that the firm/team has been over charging their customers for services/games & merchandise and devises a plan to escape back to his life before the firm/team. I here it's Punkin's favorite movie/hiring process
TCP clause thanks for the shout out. I appreciate your concern however, I am a well adjusted non taking drugs military veteran that annually commands six figure compensation for my professional expertise. I believe danothemano might need your intervention as he is the one speaking of shooting his face in his above comment. I just do my best to keep things in perspective. Last year I won 5 bets for $20 each from bengals fans who just because TO was signed believed that the bengals would be a top 10 offense and win 11 to 12 games. All they said was "on paper" they are so good well, as we know "on paper" is different than on the "field" Optimism without football knowledge. Just like quotes we have heard from MFB and Punkin/Katie this year that 2011 is a new year where optimism runs high and this year coming up we have an easier schedule. The city is filled with all of us who would love to see this team win multiple super bowls but our teams fearless leader Mr. Brown has proven that football knowledge and prowess died with his great hall of fame father and is not willing to accept the truth so we all suffer.
Marvin wanted his new coach to have the ability to lead an offense to score more points and I agree he has his guy. In the arena league an offense can score into the 60's or 70's in a game so, he's the guy. Of course, they do not play much defense in the arena league so when they are 11 on 11, the best of the best in the NFL it will probably be different. The good news is our hometown bengals do not equate wins with success so we have many years to see how this plays out whether they go 4-12 or 10-6 it just doesn't matter because every year is a new season, a fresh optimism that this could be the lucky year. This is the formula that has worked for the last 20 years while posting 2 winning seasons and losing 18. Thank you Mr. Brown for your continued football involvement.
I suppose the opportunity to get your first OC position in the NFL out weighs the negatives of not being able to pick your own assistants to enhance your chances to succeed, just doing the best with what you are given. Who dey for sure today! J O K E bengals bengals bengals
Senior Bowl or Bust. This is where we get an up close look at all the players we can draft to play for many years in the NFL without producing wins just being in the game. Who Fucking Dey....
Marvin has now said a few times that "They do not know who they are" "They do not have an identity" "They have been all over the place" "The good teams do things over and over" Well, after 8 years this admission is a slap in the face to all bengal fans. He came here and promised change and all we have is 8 years and Who are we? This is pathetic and truly shows that while he was given certain changes within the organization none of them pertained to personnel or organizational restructuring. He has failed and put his tail between his legs to come back for more. MFB has failed yet still defiantly protects his way of conducting business. Now, we finally have a figure head on the block but other than that it is still the same organization. Until there is a definitive plan for success put together by football professionals and adhered to by MFB to build a mindset to win and scouting to place players within it, we are still fucked.... I hate to say it but the steelers are the steelers and whether a coach or player if you do not bring your best you will be gone. They have a system and you are either in it or out. They won the super bowl in 08, went 9-7 in 09, and fired the O-line coach, special teams coach, and Ken Anderson QB coach "retired" Now they are back in the superbowl. This is a mindset that prevails because it is successful and they are not afraid to implement it as needed. Norm Chow, Sheppard, whoever, until there are changes at the top it will still be a place to Lose, Collect a check, and wish you did not play here....
Too little, Too late. One coach, one player who cares? It still is the same ownership running the same organization the way they seem fit. I know it is something which is better than nothing, but it ain't much. Although, this could be an opportunity in that the defensive line coach understands scheming against an offense on a weekly basis so maybe they could switch him to offensive coordinator and he could use his vast knowledge of what it takes to beat a defense that schemes against them to beat. Crazy eh, but it might just work. Carson please tell MFB to shove it and retire.
Al Davis has given 9 Hall Of Fame induction speeches for 8 players and one Coach Madden. That says it all. Tradition and respect.
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I hope he does retire. I think if this is done after about two years MFB would be ready to trade him. I just hope he really goes through with it and that more players let the Bengals know not to draft them because the do not want anything to do with the Bengals. I really hope he will do the right thing and not get scared and stay like Marvin did. Marvin stated just the other day that they don't know who they are as a team. I can't believe that after 8 years of running the show this is where he has taken them and what makes it worse is the attitude from MFB and Marvin when stating that were close to getting to the super bowl. It's fucking crazy..
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