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Forget corporate partnerships with Scott, Miracle Grow, Ortho,and the unnatural conglomerates. The difference then between NWF's message and corporate's message becomes blurred and intermingled. Can not tell the difference between the two and therefore if I don't like or will not use products like Ortho et al I will automatically associate NWF with these products and not associate with NWF as a result. The partnership subjects a sell out. And in this case NWF selling out to Corporate America for one reason and one reason only, money. Now the integrity of NWF is compromised. I don't think making a profit is in the mission statement of NWF. It is in the mission Statement of Corporate America. You can spin this partnership any way you like but it is not going to change the truth of the matter and that is NWF is not the same organization it was before the partnership and for me that is a problem. I will now think your motivations for all your programs is based in making a profit and not in helping the environment or the wildlife. Sorry if that is not what you wanted to hear but that is how I feel. I have been a member for 3 years and promoted wildlife habitate certification very strongly in my community. Too bad. But that will all change now.
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