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Rosencrantz: [flips coin which lands as 'heads'] 78 in a row. A new record, I imagine. Guildenstern: Is that what you imagine? A new record? Rosencrantz: Well... Guildenstern: No questions? Not a flicker of doubt? Rosencrantz: I could be wrong.
It's been rough for DC. With all those injuries, they had to go to their bench and throw two DP's into the starting lineup! Not too shabby indeed! #depth
Don't write off DC United, they still have... aww crap, nevermind. I guess I'll pull for LA, for the good of the league.
Harsh to see DC drop so many spots -- but I don't mind being seen as an underdog this year. It's too soon to be defending a top-spot. They did play a stellar first half (though finishing could have been better). Second half they let it go just as the Revs pulled out of their funk and kept play pretty much even. But I'm sick of seeing horrible calls decide games. And I agree, fines and retroactive cards should be applied to obvious game-changing dives.
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2009 on SBI MLS Power Rankings (Week 11) at Soccer By Ives
From the sounds of it, Hahnemann would rather find work in the UK. Second choice would be somewhere near Seattle. But if he's looking for a path into MLS, I can't imagine that DCU wouldn't swap him for Crayton in a heartbeat. GK is DCU's weakest link, and the timing looks perfect to bring him in midyear.
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