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Sil -
Bochum, Germany
admin of a German fanblog, female nerd, business psychologist
Interests: music, cats, drawing, soundtracks, blogging i`m way to old for being a fangirl, i`m 32 years old, i`m a grown up woman, i`ve never been a fangirl of anyone - not even when i was a teenager, no posters on my wall....until zachary .... help!
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May 25, 2010
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Apr 3, 2010
first of all: apparently Zach chose to have this community on his website, as long as he doesn`t cancel this it`s of no importance if you think it`s "optimal" or not. Secondly the theories you have about him visiting this community or not visiting are all unproven...therefore of no use. Actually it`s just an opinion you have. At least I can back up my "theory" by interviews. To me this is all pointless. It might say something about your personality, though.
what I know so far from interviews and monitoring his webpresence is: Zach in general doesn`t post much in any community he owns...he doesn`t use Twitter much, he doesn´t use Facebook that much, he doesn`t use Myspace that much....he might use one of these social media tools a bit more often than another but in general I think one can say that Zach isn`t really a social network kinda guy. In interviews he said that he doesn`t like Twitter, that he thinks the internet can be a dangerous place and he is careful and that he isn`t really tech savy. It is also known that most of the time it`s not Zach in person who posts stuff on Twitter. ...and THAT`s in my opinion the reason, why he doesn`t post much stuff in general
The Chris Dallman Connection Blog is celebrating the release of Christopher Dallman`s new video "Ghost". Yesterday we brought to you an exclusive interview with the artist himself. TODAY we present you all an exclusive interview with the director Kevin R.... Continue reading
Posted Mar 2, 2010 at Zachary Quinto
erledigt :-)
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It has already been posted here: Christopher Dallman - an amazing singer and songwriter and friend of Zach - has released a new video to his song "Ghost" from the EP "Never Was". We - The Chris Dallman Connection -... Continue reading
Posted Mar 1, 2010 at Zachary Quinto
hi hi..das ist einfach zu süß, um es zu ignorieren... ist dir klar, dass du gerade gesagt hast, dass Zach langweilig ist und das du auch langweilig bist? Schätze, du wolltest wohl eher sagen, dass ihm und dir langweilig ist und nicht dass ihr es seid *g*
also done :-)
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done :-)
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someone on this board asked how to become a member of the Chris Dallman Connection it`s simple....send me a direct message on Twitter (@dasWuslon). If you don`t have a Twitter account just post here and I`ll put you on... Continue reading
Posted Feb 7, 2010 at Zachary Quinto
Sil - added a photo at Zachary Quinto
Jan 28, 2010
Sil - added a photo at Zachary Quinto
yellow :-)
Jan 27, 2010
@ Dobby for some reason I can`t post a comment under your post but I had to say this: OMG!!! RICHARD ARMITAGE FTW!!!!! him :-) ZQ more of course... Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2010 at Zachary Quinto
According to this interview Zachary read all of the following books while on vacation Zachary-Booklist: 1. The Year of Magical Thinking - by Joan Didion 2. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - by Jonathan Safran Foer 3. Everyman - by Philip Roth 4. The Corrections - by Jonathan Franzen I`ve read them all, too. They are all about death in one way or another. The Corrections were awesome. Everyman by P. Roth evoked heavy, dark and depressing emotions in me. Took me two days to recover. Zach also said that his favourite author would probably be Philip Roth. I`m currently reading my third P. Roth novel (read Everyman and The Humbling so far) The Human Stain. He really is a good author.
about changing: think of a person you know and who you absolutley are not attracted to, who you might even find gross. do you think you can make yourself fall in love with this person? I`m not talking about love like loving a brother or sister or a good friend. I talk about the kind of love with butterflies in your stomach, your knees getting weak, thinking about the person you love all the time.... maybe if you try hard enough you could fall in love like that...Force yourself to love....and if it doesnt work, wel...your fault, you just didn`t try hard enough
Attraction is not a choice. You can`t force yourself to be attracted to someone you are not attracted to and you can`t force yourself to fall in love with someone. So - in my opinion it`s not a choice to be homosexual. I`m heterosexual and that´s something I didn`t chose. I didn`t sit down as a teenager and thought something like "Hm...okay, Sil, do you prefer being heterosexual or homosexual?" I`ve always been attracted to men, never to women. Sure, I could try to become homosexual, date women, do what society thinks lesbians do, try really hard to love a woman... I could pretend but deep down inside I`d know that it`s all a big fat lie and still I`d be attracted to men not to women. And if someone came along and told me that if I can`t manage to become a homosexual I should at least stop my heterosexual activities because they are a sin or something...sorry, but can you imagine that? A life lived without any love? I think homosexual people should be allowed to form a legal bond if they wish to. I don`t care if you call it marriage or something else. But if two grown up people want to take responsibility for each other they should be allowed to do so. They should be allowed to care for each other - in good and in bad times. I live in Germany and homosexual people are allowed to marry in Germany. Nothing bad has happened since they were allowed to marry. Heterosexual couples still marry :-)
on having body issues: I have them, too. I know where they are coming from. I have very low selfconfidence when it comes to my outer appearance. When I was a teenager I never managed to get a date or a boyfriend. Boys ignored me or told me that I was too fat. I know of two boys back then who had a crush on me...unfortunately I didn`t have a crush on them. When I was 21 I met my now ex-boyfriend. He fell in love with me at first sight - so did I...but I never really got what he saw in me. We`ve been together for about 9 years until he broke up with me. He told me I was too fat and I`d dress like a grandmother (although I swear I never changed my clothing style during our relationship). After he broke up with me I thought (and still do sometimes) I will never find another man again. My selfimage in my head is that I`m a fat and unattractive woman. I almost never flirt with men because I fear they reject me. And if some guy shows some kind of interest he has to express it clearly because otherwise I just wouldn`t notice his interest. BUT! since my break up I`ve started making changes. I got a new haircut, I changed my entire wardrobe. I`m wearing bright colors now (something I never dared to do before). My make up changed too. And for the first time in my life I felt okay. And because I felt okay my behavior started to change. People and friends came up to me telling me I`d recently look amazing and I`d be more open towards other people. I`m still having "flirting problems" but it`s slowly changing. This year I met someone at a dance club and we spent the night making out...and he was very handsome... Guys like him usually never showed any interest in me (and he wasn`t even drunk ;-) ). I think if you don`t love yourself or at least accept who you are it always shines through - no matter what clothes you wear or how much make up you put on.
Peter Fox from Seeed!!!! :-D
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Sil - added a photo at Zachary Quinto
may I introduce you to my cat...Poopsie :-) I know it`s a stupid name.... *g+
Nov 19, 2009
Fay Wolfs music is also available at iTunes :-) already checked it out...lots of piano music :-)
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hm...taking over everything? lets see: movie - check short movie - check comicbook - check audiobook - check photography - check (with Tyler Shields) toys - check (Spock and Sylar) producing tv movie - check voicing a computer game or animated movie? - still open domination? - working on it...
1 reply's_Day I live near a catholic church and they have a very nice St Martin celebration every year...have to check it out this evening :-)
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Rainbow Brite!!!! I love her! When I was young it was my favorite toy :-D
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2009 on No title at Zachary Quinto
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oh my god...I think I`ll quit now..I cant stand this crap anymore...