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A vicious epidemic lurks within our nation, taking one life every 20 minutes. So, far, our health care system has not been able to develop a vaccine or cure for it. It is most contagious in congested, urban areas, but it has touched families and communities in every corner of... Continue reading
Posted Dec 16, 2012 at myblog
“Quiet!” said the usher as he shined his flashlight up the row in the packed theater. It was a Saturday afternoon when I was a kid in the 1960s, and someone was talking in my row. Tough looking teenage ushers in blazers, pointy shoes and slicked back hair enforced the... Continue reading
Posted Dec 9, 2012 at myblog
Finally someone said it! I’ve been catching up on some reading lately and saw an article in the Sunday New York Times from November 18, 2012, entitled, “In Apps Boom, Few Are Realizing Wealth in a Crowded Field.” One sentence shook me at the core. An MIT economist explained how... Continue reading
Posted Dec 2, 2012 at myblog
Something happened on election night that flew under the radar of most TV networks. CNN garnered nearly 9 million viewers. But according to TheTVNews.TV, 10 million people chose to get their election coverage via streaming Web video provided by ABC-Yahoo in a joint feed. This could be the tipping point... Continue reading
Posted Nov 25, 2012 at myblog
The end of the year has a way of bringing out the worst in some of us. Families get together for the holidays in the name of tradition that sometimes becomes onerous obligation. Often the anxiety starts weeks before, until it climaxes over the giblets, gravy and pumpkin pie, as... Continue reading
Posted Nov 18, 2012 at myblog
I’m having an affair. It started innocently enough. Our old receiver/audio controller died and I had to buy a new one to enjoy music and HDTV in stereo. Of course, that meant a digital system as opposed to the old analog setup. When I plugged our old school turntable into... Continue reading
Posted Nov 11, 2012 at myblog
There were four political robo-call voice mails to erase on Saturday. I deleted four more on Sunday. The voices were rehearsed and the words uninspired. Never could understand why campaigns pay for these nuisances and couldn’t imagine a voter listening to one, until I’d seen some of the snide and... Continue reading
Posted Nov 4, 2012 at myblog
In the wake of the second presidential debate, there was significant consternation over the role of moderator, Candy Crowley. When Republican candidate Mitt Romney pointed to a comment by President Barrack Obama and said he wanted it noted for the record, Crowley confirmed the record based on a speech Obama... Continue reading
Posted Oct 21, 2012 at myblog
How would you like a job where everything you do is captured by video cameras from multiple angles? Then, that recording is replayed for your customers, supervisors and shareholders. They watch you work task by task and evaluate your performance. Sounds like a job from hell, right? Welcome to big... Continue reading
Posted Oct 14, 2012 at myblog
Generations X and Y grew up chauffeured in boring minivans and SUVs. The midsize cars in which these kids munched goldfish and raisins were virtual clones and brands were indistinguishable. And now we wonder why those same kids aren’t buying cars? They weren’t inspired by Corvettes, Camaros, GTOs, Firebirds, Mustangs,... Continue reading
Posted Oct 7, 2012 at myblog
During election season, it’s harder than usual to poke through the clutter with news. Especially if it’s not breaking. For example, hockey fans, did you know that Detroit Red Wing Hall of Famer Ted Lindsey, will accept a Spirit of St. Nicholas Award from Michigan’s St. Nicholas Institute next week?... Continue reading
Posted Sep 23, 2012 at myblog
Riding a bike can be hazardous to your health, especially if you’re around people who are connected. I routinely ride a bicycle for exercise in the summer along the streets and off-road trails around my neighborhood in Dearborn, Michigan. I wear safety gear to protect my head and hands, but... Continue reading
Posted Sep 16, 2012 at myblog
The radio blared the morning’s headlines. The CBS network news on the hour is part of my daily wake up routine. This week I heard a story that stunned me. “Study shows organic food no more nutritional than standard products. Little evidence it makes a significant impact on health.” Many... Continue reading
Posted Sep 9, 2012 at myblog
As we roamed around the 2012 Detroit Jazz Festival and the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival, my wife, Ellen, and I had a blast people watching. But then a thought crossed my mind. How many of these folks will vote this November? How many of them are informed about the issues?... Continue reading
Posted Sep 2, 2012 at myblog
Do you remember where you were when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon? Where were you when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated? How did you first learn of the Martin Luther King Jr.’s slaying? For baby boomers, these watershed events were also media bonfires. In other words, the world... Continue reading
Posted Aug 26, 2012 at myblog
Henry Ford’s hometown, Dearborn, Michigan, has a secret. I know it, but I can’t tell you. Well, of course, I could, but then many people would be upset. Actually, it would make two groups angry. Both, the people who want to keep the secret to themselves, and the people who... Continue reading
Posted Aug 19, 2012 at myblog
“War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!” (Edwin Starr) That’s what I thought on Saturday night while watching prime time Olympic coverage from London on NBC. Tom Brokow, who continues to milk his authorship of “The Greatest Generation”, narrated what felt like an endless feature on Great Britain’s role... Continue reading
Posted Aug 12, 2012 at myblog
People aren’t perfect. Nor are machines. And that’s true, whether they operate in the public or private sector, despite all the politically charged criticism of government employees. Perhaps you heard about this week’s technical glitch with automated trading at Knight Capital Group Inc. It rocked pricing on 140 stocks, with... Continue reading
Posted Aug 5, 2012 at myblog
Watching the Olympics could make even the most dedicated sofa surfer stand up and start moving. Even if it’s only to give your favorite athlete or Olympic team a standing ovation. I got off my duff this afternoon to ride my bike for about 45 minutes as I do most... Continue reading
Posted Jul 29, 2012 at myblog
I have never fired a weapon. Never had the desire or thought much about it. But guns were part of our topic of conversation on Friday night, as we accompanied another couple to a nostalgic theater experience. We were headed for the historic Redford Theatre on Lahser Road in Redford,... Continue reading
Posted Jul 22, 2012 at myblog
This weekend, I was invited to a housewarming party in Dearborn, Michigan for a homeless person. Don’t be surprised. There are homeless people living in some very nice neighborhoods. In their cars, in motel rooms for a day or a week, or in rental properties where they’re about to lose... Continue reading
Posted Jul 15, 2012 at myblog
When I left broadcast television 25 years ago this July, it didn’t take long to land communications clients in the car business. That was a no brainer, because I live in Dearborn, part of the motor city’s metro area and birthplace of Henry Ford. One of the first car company... Continue reading
Posted Jul 8, 2012 at myblog
Last week, National Geographic News reported that the Atlantic Ocean was rising on the east coast of the United States, approximately three to four times faster than other areas in the world. Consequently, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Baltimore could experience more frequent future flooding. Instead of floodwaters occurring... Continue reading
Posted Jul 1, 2012 at myblog
It was an uncanny coincidence. Friday, two Pennsylvania juries came in with guilty verdicts in separate high profile trials involving child sexual abuse. One was with former Pennsylvania State University football coach, Jerry Sandusky. The other convicted a Catholic clergyman, Msgr. William J. Lynn, of endangering children by assigning a... Continue reading
Posted Jun 24, 2012 at myblog
If you told most future parents it would cost about $235,000 to raise a kid to age 18, how many would go through with it? And that doesn’t include college. Adjusted for inflation, the number is a little closer to $295,000 for a kid born in 2011. That’s a sobering... Continue reading
Posted Jun 17, 2012 at myblog