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I was at the combine, the main man at the combine was Tchani, he is a beast in the midfield. Definitely someone that will seek to play in Europe. Red Bulls will pick him up without a doubt.. You RBNY fans need to get off of Dukas nuts!! He wasn't even in the Top 15 players at the combine. He is like 3 years away from making a serious impact in MLS if he even gets the chance to play.
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2010 on It's MLS Draft Q&A Time at Soccer By Ives
What has happened to all the west coast teams? Is the East Coast just that much better in soccer talent or it that the top west coast players turn pro younger. Let the debate start!!?? Or is that the West Coast teams are much better but end up eliminating themselves in the tournament. Hmmm
I think you guys should all check Harkes first, here is a guy that thought he was captain america and was no where near it. He still today thinks he should be the announcer, the coach, and the player, his ego is what was hurting the team. Yes, Burns was a tough choice at outside back, but like you guys said before. The US was limited. Look at the Mexican National Team for example, Aguirre has refused to call up Pardo which was the captain under other teams because he was a virus on the previous teams. Sometimes coaches need to do what's best for the team, Mexico has flourished without Pardo and remember the US would say, "Stop Pardo and you stop Mexico", Not no more!! I think Sampson would be good for MLS, I also like Vazquez getting his opportunity to showcase what he has learned from all the great coaches he's been under.
Wilman Conde, are you serious. Where was this egotistical guy during the playoffs, he wasn't hurt except for his ego. You have to be real when picking top MLS XI can't be someone that thinks of themselves bigger then the team. Plus as a center back this is the biggest liability on the team because he doesn't understand the word defense.
i can't believe this, seriously, seriously!!
Dominic is the next National Team Coach!! Class act, not that Bradley isn't. It's just that we need to give the job to a west coast cat soon.
Gonzalez and Bearhalter are playing the hack Oduro before he gets going cause those boys in the middle are slow in the back.
lightsout at the home depot and what they should have done is turned off Harkes..
harkes, shut the hell up!! He is so annoying, the tackle was hard both ways, someone had to get the short end of the stick, Holden got it.. Good game so far though..
Oh god someone shoot Harkes talking about Beckham having a conversation with the assitant referee, Harkes don't be a hypocrit you loved to talk and hold hands with Brian Hall back in the day.
Thomas Dooley - he captained our US Team and had a great club career in Germany. Ernie Stewart - was one of the US best players every time he put the shirt on, plied his trade abroad and was a big gamer. Dominic Kinnear - as a player he has won it all. He's a great person, not some cocky guy that won't sit and have beer with you. He won the US Open Cup with the Greek Americans went everyone was allowed to participate in the Cup. Was the first American to win a Mexican National Championship with Nexaca. Has coached the Dynamos to the championship. And seriously if Bradley wasn't the coach, he would be next in line for the job. I know I've said a lot about Dominic but so many don't know the accomplishments he's had. Marco Etcheverry - The King of DC United should I say more, he put MLS on the map. Peter Vermes - Americas 1st Captain, he was the first US guy we all wanted to follow. For the women, Shannon Macmillan.
he must be reading soccerbyives and all our reviews of him. plus I think he thinks he can coach in this league.. LOL.. Hey quakeland, when you guys going to get rid of the puppet GM John Doyle, he's horrible.. Yallop deserves someone better, even Agoos would help out much more..
O'rourke should is a hack!!
Beckerman, is one of the young players that really soaked up everything he coulc in his time with El Pibe in Tampa Bay.
You know if you have to give it up to Coach Kries for the way his boys are playing, they are playing some very quick technical football that can be enjoyed by everyone for the sharp quick passes
What about Kamani Hill? What is he up too?
Game over, you miss a PK mentally that is it. Might as well just lay down.
So ESPN 360 is out? I'm in Hawaii on vacation trying to see the game and it isn't letting me. Is anyone having any luck?
Lets not get this all twisted. Blanco will be back the only change will be Hamlett out.
Yallop shouldn't be on this list, who should be is John Doyle, he is caring two hats in the area and is double dipping. How is it that Chicago has a successful academy program but Doyle doesn't want to involve his youth club with the quakes, better to get two checks then to build a solid foundation.
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2009 on Which MLS coach is the next to go? at Soccer By Ives
Williams is gone, even though he deserves his shot at running the ship. Maybe Soehn being out will open the door for Williams to return to DC and run the team there. Vermes is the best GM in the country, he will go back to that position and once Chivas USA is eliminated from the playoffs will open discussions with Preki, Kansas City loves Preki. One guy that is in the hot seat that has not been mentioned is Denis Hamlett, if he doesn't win the MLS he's gone. It is very clear that Blanco and him don't get along or see eye to eye. And if they want Blanco to come back, watch for a new coach to come in. Shoot they just inducted Armas into the ring of fire, maybe he wouldn't mind coaching in it, either in Chicago or NY. Ives what is Armas doing these days? Toronto is a toss up, they have a solid team and should have made the playoffs, a change at the helm will only help that team.
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2009 on Which MLS coach is the next to go? at Soccer By Ives
Red Bulls ?, Who is the next coach? Do you stick with Richie Williams who is playing his boys right now and having success. Or do you bring in someone new that is going to shake things up. Maybe: Jurgen Klinsman, who else is really out there. Steve Sampson has the experience and has been in hot waters before. What is Chris Armas doing in NY? You tell us Ives..
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2009 on It's Q&A Time at Soccer By Ives
Martha Just to clarify, English is not the official language of the US, its the most commonly spoken. So if you have to press 1 for English 2 for Spanish 3 for Mandarin I guess that's what makes the US so great!! God Bless America!!
The one thing we should be talking about is how this player that grew up playing in our back yard ended up in Mexico. To many coaches bypass players like this because academically they weren't qualifiers but what they are is soccer players something the US still has to get more of. I think its great for Chivas USA to have him. I seen him play against Barcalona and you can see that he had pace and size when he came in. Coaches, for all age groups, if you have a talented soccer player tell someone, a Division one coach, player development person for MLS, shoot locate an agent. Someone please, don't let good Americans go unnoticed just because of academia..
I'm at the Lincoln Harbor Hotel w/ the Colombian and Jamaican National Team that has games this Wednesday at Giants Stadium. I'm a US & Mexico soccer fan, where around here can i go to a great soccer sports bar? I need help here!!